7 Bullet Journal Travel Logs That’ll Make You Want to Plan a Trip, ASAP

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If you've spent any time thumbing through the more artsy channels on Instagram, you've likely run across a buzzy new travel trend: bullet journalers filling page after page of their notebooks, not with to-dos, but with packing lists, and must-see agendas for their next adventure.

Though they initially caught on as an organizational tool aimed at helping people de-stress by streamlining top-of-mind tasks and goals, as a carry-on essential, bullet journals become a cool souvenir that you'll likely hold onto way longer than a fridge magnet. These embellished getaway logs read like your own personal wanderlusting archive, so why not give it a try during your next vacay?

As a carry-on essential, bullet journals become a cool souvenir that you’ll likely hold onto way longer than a fridge magnet.

Just like the OG iterations, travel bullet journals aren't just pretty—they're practical. For expert tips on how to get in on that #bujo mojo, I talked to Alec Fischer, a bullet journaler who has amassed over 44,000 followers on Instagram. Fischer tasks his notebooks with organizing everything from daily to-do lists, to Netflix binge-watching sessions, and yes—all his travel needs. "I have some anxiety around traveling...just the pre-planning stuff," Fischer says. "I’m always going to forget something. I’m always going to lose something. So if I [make] a list of it in my bullet journal, I’m be able to make sure everything’s there...to crosscheck it."

If you too could use help avoiding a Home Alone moment next time you head to the airport, a bujo could be an ideal travel buddy. To get started, Fischer recommends categorizing your trip: What needs to make it in your suitcase? What workouts do you want to schedule during your visit? What sightseeing spots do you want to make sure you fit into your itinerary? Once you've nailed down the deets, loosen up and doodle (yes, even stick figures count).

Now all you need is inspo. Take a, ahem, page from the 7 bullet journalers below.

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