Bulletproof Is in Major Expansion Mode—Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Photo: Bulletproof Coffee
You don't need to live in Santa Monica to pay someone to lace your coffee with butter for you: A Bulletproof Coffee cafe will be opening in Manhattan later this year, Bloomberg reports, with a handful of other locations outside of SoCal on the way. That's right: Combating brain fog is about to get easier.

In case this whole blended-java thing is one wellness trend you missed, here's a quick rundown: It was introduced by biohacker extraordinaire (and Bulletproof founder) Dave Asprey, AKA the go-to wellness guru for tips on controlling your own body—to have more energy, to sleep better, and to be more productive. His products are essentially fueling Silicon Valley—and beyond.

Bulletproof coffee
Photo: Bulletproof

Besides butter, Bulletproof Coffee is also traditionally blended with MCT oil (AKA medium-chain triglyceride oil, an easily digested type of healthy fat), and Asprey says the resulting combo is a winning way to boost cognitive function.

The first New York cafe will be located in Chelsea, on 8th Avenue, conveniently located near Google. But the opening date is still TBD, he tells Well+Good. This will be the third Bulletproof Cafe, which has two locations in Los Angeles already. Up next is Seattle, and the brand is also looking at Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, and Austin, Texas.

"The vibe [in the NYC cafe] will be very similar to the existing cafes in California, and as far as the menu we'll be serving the original Bulletproof Coffee recipe made from coffee brewed with Upgraded coffee beans—with no mold toxins—blended together with unsalted grass-fed butter and Brain Octane Oil."

But if you aren't into coffee, there will be other options for you too: "We'll also serve other varieties of beverages, such as collagen protein-infused Bulletproof Coffee—collagen provides nutrients necessary to perform tissue repair while sleeping," he notes. Also on tap: coconut milk for the entire caffeine-fueled menu (think: espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos) and non-coffee drinks like hot cocoa and tea.

So, if you and your blender are ready to go on a smoothie break (it happens), here's your excuse.

Until the cafe opens, here are some buttery coffee recipes to tide you over. Or, if you prefer to sip on something more colorful, The Good Sort is serving up a whole rainbow of options.

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