Hot, Freshly Brewed Bulletproof Coffee Is Coming to *All* Whole Foods in NYC

Photo: Instagram/@bulletproof
Occasionally a brand name will become utterly synonymous with the product it peddles—like Kleenex for tissues or Bulletproof for butter-boosted coffee. That biohacking super drink began its ascent to wellness-world domination a few years ago when founder Dave Asprey began expanding his brand of MCT oil and butter-laden coffee across the country. And now, the wellness beverage—which is purported to increase energy and decrease mental fogginess alike—is about to get way more available for folks in one lucky metropolis.

Asprey shared via Instagram that Bulletproof coffee is launching across all Whole Foods locations in New York City stores (including locations in Brooklyn).

While this won't yield Starbucks-level market dominance for the biohacking brand, the news does hint at the growth of alternative caffeine (and wellness!) drinks that differ from your traditional cup of joe. While there's no word yet on whether or not this rollout will continue across Whole Foods' nationwide locations or even what the exact menu offerings entail, you can still stock up on the grab-and-go version of the drink that is available in all outposts of the grocery store.

For riffs on the classic Butterproof recipe, try a butter-free version or Busy Philipps' skin-boosting take.

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