Newsflash: Now You Can Get Your Bulletproof Fix on the Go

Photo: Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof-ing your coffee may give you more energy and fill you up better than your average cup of joe, as its fans attest, but it isn't exactly the most low-maintenance drink to make—especially when you're doing it half asleep. First, you need to get your hands on some uncontaminated coffee beans. Then you need to measure out butter (or ghee) and MCT oil. And did I mention a blender is involved?

Well, your Bulletproof life just got a lot easier. Starting today, the brand is selling grab-and-go cold brew coffee at Whole Foods across the country.

Besides a straight-up cold brew, the brand is also releasing one with added collagen and protein.

"It took us a really long time to get it exactly right," Bulletproof founder and CEO Dave Asprey says. The biohacker stopped by the office last month to give me a first taste of the new cold brew line. (The products didn't even have labels yet!) Besides a straight-up cold brew, the brand is also releasing one with added collagen and protein (13 grams, to be exact).

And if you aren't a coffee lover but still want to reap the benefits, you're in luck: There's also mocha and vanilla flavors. You know how some flavored coffee tastes syrupy? These don't at all, partially due to the fact that the brand uses monk fruit as the sweetener.

Coffee is the highest contributor of polyphenols [or antioxidants] in our diet today,” Dave Asprey says. But he adds that if the beans aren't high-quality, they aren't going to leave you feeling energized. (Coffee expert and FitnessGenes CEO and co-founder Dan Reardon, MD, agrees.) It's why the Bulletproof team puts their grinds through rigorous testing, ensuring they're free of 27 toxins. And from the taste, it definitely paid off.

As far as trending drinks to sip on this fall, it looks like PSL has some competition.

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