How Bulletproof Labs Aims to Help You Biohack Your Way to Wellness

Graphic by Abby Maker for Well+Good
Bulletproof has already taken over your morning coffee routine, but the buzzy and buttery brew isn't the only vehicle through which founder Dave Asprey aims to help you biohack your way to wellness. Now you can also visit Bulletproof Labs, a new health and fitness center that won't make you sweat.

The newly opened first location, in Santa Monica, California, is about as futuristic as it gets: According to Fast Company, in place of common gym equipment, you'll find devices like the atmospheric cell trainer, which is a pod-like machine designed to "massage cells from the inside out." There's also a virtual float tank, in which you lie with goggles and a headset to overload your senses with psychedelic lights in order to reach a theta brain state.

If you're new to biohacking, and those machines seem a little intense, start small with meditation rooms and cryotherapy chambers. From there, move to the other contraptions, from the circulation-boosting oxygen trainers to inflammation-busting red chargers and IV drips. And if the results really wow you, there's a monthly membership available (rather than paying à la carte fees for each service and use of equipment)—because when it comes to biohacking, why stop with coffee?

Here's how you can make Bulletproof coffee without butter. And, find out how to get Bulletproof on the go.

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