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The 3 Brilliant Ways That Busy Philipps Handles Stress and Anxiety

Rachel Lapidos

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Photo: Instagram/@busyphilipps

Busy Philipps keeps it so real on social media, it totally feels as if she’s your BFF (sorry, Michelle Williams). She’s always documenting her life via Instagram stories, so one minute you can be popping champagne with her in Paris (along with Williams) and the next you’re vicariously working out with her as she sweats through her beloved LEKfit class.

Of course, even Philipps—the star you know and love from shows like Freaks and Geeks and Cougar Town—has her bad days.

“We all look for life hacks,” she told me recently in New York. Thankfully, she shares what gets her through times of stress and anxiety—and on to the next (possibly super-sweaty) accomplishment.

Keep reading for the 3 ways that Philipps handles rough times.

busy philipps stress anxiety
Photo: Instagram/@busyphilipps

Get your blood pumping every day

You won’t be surprised by this if you watch her Insta stories, but Philipps stresses that exercise is a major part of her life. “For me, working out is a huge deal for me,” she says (and she swears by the new LG SideKick that she reps, which is specifically designed for small laundry loads that can’t wait—AKA your sweaty leggings). “Sweating is very integral to my brand at this point [laughs]. I think it’s so important and vital for your body.”

busy philipps stress anxiety
Photo: Instagram/@busyphilipps

Talk it out

It’s always nice to get your girlfriends’ advice when you’re feeling overwhelmed—Philipps is all about that. “When you’re able to voice [your stress and anxiety] to friends or family or coworkers or whoever’s appropriate, it can help take the scariness away. It takes the power away from the anxiety, and you’re able to move through it easier.” Women’s circle, anyone?

busy philipps stress anxiety
Photo: Instagram/@busyphilipps

Be open

Philipps is adamant that being honest and open about your stress and anxiety helps—this is the era of mental health authenticity, after all, and more and more celebs are speaking out about their personal struggles. “I’ve found that being open is one of the best treatments for anxiety,” she says. “As soon as you give voice to your fears, sometimes you’re able to see them more clearly for what they are.”

In fact, Philipps will take to her Instagram stories to voice these stresses to her hundreds and thousands of followers. “Over the past year since I’ve been really open on social media and also in real life, I’ve found that my anxiety levels and the unhealthy ways I’ve dealt with them in the past have sort of subsided,” she says. Girl, keep it up—knowing you’re not alone makes everyone feel better.

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