Busy Philipps Keeps Her Skin *so* Glowy With This Brilliant Masking Hack

Photo: Instagram/@busyphilipps

Busy Philipps has marched to her own drum beat since playing a too-cool-for-school rebel on Freaks and Geeks. Since then, she's maintained #bossbabe status IRL by opening up about anxiety, admitting that she loves to hate super-hard workout moves (same, girl), and posting sweaty selfies galore.

And, just in time for the New Year, the actress is gifting the world even more perils of #realtalk wisdom. This time, it's about her now not-so-secret beauty routine.

busy philipps face masks
Photo: Instagram/@busyphilipps

"Oh you double mask?" Philipps jokes in a recent Instagram story. "That's cool. I triple mask." Based on the photo, it looks like she's using one all-over mask and spot treating on top of that with two other varieties in places where she could use some targeted skin TLC (in this case, under the eyes and on the nose).

And considering the woman knows collagen is key for healthy, radiant skin (and even puts it in her Bulletproof coffee), it's safe to say she knows what's up—and she's not the only star schooling us on multiple-masking magic. Chris Pratt layers up, and Kate Bosworth has been known to triple mask before events.

Judging by Philipps' selfie, she's doing her genius self-care ritual while relaxing in a bath, proving that sometimes more is *totally* more. Who else has their Friday night plans locked down?

You could try this anti-inflammatory aloe vera mask. And, to cop Philipps' style, these are the best face-mask and bath-soak pairings for every mood

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