Meet the ‘Big Four for Booty’ Toning Exercises You Need to Know

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Squats? Check. Lunges? Yep, got those too. When it comes to leg- and butt-toning workouts, they're kind of a big deal. It's hard to beat the basic exercises for serious results. But there's a set of variations on your go-tos that could take your progress to the next level.

Amanda Bisk, exercise psychologist and yoga teacher, recently shared a workout on Instagram that features the "Big Four for Booty"—well, that's what we're calling it anyway. The simple exercises are smaller, more stationary variations of some of the ones you're used to, and because of that, they'll burn muscles you didn't even know existed. "They really target all of your leg muscles—including the inner thighs and booty. These muscles keep your exercises controlled and stable," Bisk writes.

Another perk? You can do these four exercises right at home—no equipment needed. All you need is a mat, a great workout mix, and some determination to get through the five rounds of booty-burning torture.


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The 'big four for booty' workout

Complete five rounds of the following exercises:

1. Narrow lunge

How many: 15 on each side
Amanda's tip: Your back knee should be behind your heel, bottom sitting back, and aim for elbows to front knee, keeping a straight spine. Your front heel should firmly press down for full glute activation.

2. Slide squat

How many: 30 slide squats
Amanda's tip: Keep your bottom sitting back with a straight back (squeeze your shoulder blades together). Press firmly into your heels.

3. Reverse lunge kick

How many: 15 on each side
Amanda's tip: Take a big step back into a lunge, keeping your feet on "train tracks"—aka not too narrow. Press through your front heel to stand up and kick.

4. Drop squats

How many: 30 drop squats
Amanda's tip: Keep your chest up and bottom back, and keep your weight in your heels when you land into a squat.

To really up your booty game, tack on this butt-strengthening yoga flow or the Pilates ring exercises that work your obliques and behind.

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