The 8 Best Places To Buy Plants Online To Turn Your Home Into a Leafy Paradise

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If you’re a plant lover, you can agree that plant shopping is the best. It’s an absolute thrill hunting for the perfect plant to bring home, name it after your favorite teen heartthrob (with a botanical twist), and post endless pictures of it on Instagram. The only thing better than buying plants is buying plants online in your pajamas.

With just a few clicks, the leafiest potted beauty will show up at your doorstep in mere days, all lush and ready to breathe life into your home. You’ll also reap benefits like turning your bedroom into a dreamy escape, warding off insects, elevating your self-care rituals, purifying your air, and attracting love, wealth, and good vibes. And did we mention they're pretty?

To help fulfill your plant-parent dreams, we've rounded up eight of the best places to buy plants online. No need to thank us. Although naming your firstborn plant babies Well+Good would certainly be appreciated.

1. Bloomscape

Bloomscape has an array of green gems that will look great in pretty much any home. They have plants big and small, including bamboo palms, money trees, birds of paradise, and the perennially dramatic fiddle leaf figs. We also love that they categorize the plants by “easy indoor plants,” for us serial plant killers, and “pet-friendly,” for those with furry friends at home. The pots the plants come in are also a statement. They’re simple, modern, and dare we say, chic. Be sure to also grab essentials like a stylish watering can and pruning scissors to keep your plants looking fly and feeling good.

Our pick: Painted Desert Collection, $65

2. The Sill

Snake plants, orchids, monstera, and a DIY terrarium kit are just some of the plants you can buy online from The Sill. The online destination for modern plant parents sells both live and faux plants, so folks who live in non-plant friendly environments or weren’t blessed with a green thumb can still add color and life to their homes. If you really want to step up your plant collection, there is a monthly subscription available. The Sill also offers affordable online plant workshops ($10) to help you learn how to best care for your plants and ask their plant pros your most pressing questions.

Our pick: Red Aglaonema, $69

3. The Bouqs

The Bouqs is known for their beautiful, luxe flower arrangements, but they also offer a handful of lovely potted plants you can buy online. You can find orchids, succulents, and air plants. Standouts include a pair of cute hoya heart plants in cement planters adorned with pink rocks and a snake plant in a snazzy metallic gold planter.

To nab a discount (because who doesn’t love to save some money), you can also sign up for their subscription and get your blooms and plants at 30 percent off plus free shipping. There’s also the option to ship your monthly plant to someone else as a gift.

Our pick: Indie Ivy, $65

4. Botany Box

If you have an affinity for plants but can’t seem to keep them alive no matter how hard you try (we feel you), impossible-to-kill, no-fuss succulents will help you satisfy your craving with very little effort. Botany Box makes it easy to kick off your succulent collection. They deliver two or four mini-succulents in a box right to your door. The plants arrive already planted in minimalist white ceramic planters and ready to display on your bookshelves, desk, or anywhere else in your home that could use a pop of nature.

The duo boxes also come with temporary tattoos by INKED by Dani, which you can use to adorn yourself or your planters. Botany Box doesn't operate on a subscription model so you can purchase plants at your own pace whenever the mood strikes.

Our pick: Botany Box with INKED by Dani, $38

5. My City Plants

My City Plants caters only to plant lovers in New York City, so all the plants are modern city living-friendly. The plants are hand-delivered, so you know your plant won’t arrive damaged.

What’s unique about My City Plants is their potting. The plants are professionally potted and feature a unique sub-irrigation system that sets up the plant to thrive by controlling the water supply with a water reservoir from which plants can draw up water as needed. In other words, no more plant casualties due to forgetfulness (whoops). The plants come in different sizes (small, medium, and large) and are categorized by light (low, medium, and bright), so it’s easy to shop based on the size of your space and how much natural light pours in.

Our pick: Bella Palm Classico, $145

6. Horti

Horti is not your typical online plant shop. They don’t just want to sell you plants; they also want to train you to be the best plant parent ever. The indoor plant subscription service helps build up your confidence by starting you off with hard-to-kill plants. Once you’ve mastered the art of keeping them alive and thriving, then you’ll move on to more exotic species. But don’t worry, there’s always care instructions included.

Plants come in a six-inch clay pot and saucer, and plans start as low as $18 per month. You can skip and cancel the subscription at any time. That said, if you want to get that instant plant gratification, you can also Order a Jungle— literally, that’s what the package is called, and it includes five to 20 plants delivered to your casa at once.

Our pick: Pet-Friendly Bundle, $52

7. Etsy

Etsy is not only a goldmine for tie-dyed goodies and peel stick wallpaper. There’s also a cornucopia of plants available on Etsy and not just your basic, everyone-has-one type of plants, although there are many of those, too. We’re talking exceptionally rare and beautiful houseplants that will make you the envy of all the plant ladies in your neighborhood. Variegated monstera deliciosa? Check. Dragon bone ghost cactus? Got that, too. Etsy is a plant lover’s wonderland. And while you’re there, you can stock up on plant accessories, too. Pots, hangers, stands, shelves—it’s all there.

Our pick: Calathea Ornata, $28

8. Amazon

Yes, Amazon has its very own plant shop. Cue happy dance. There are tons of succulents, shrubs, annuals, and perennials to choose from. Some plants don’t come in a fancy pot, so keep that in mind as you set your plant budget. And yes, many plants are eligible for Amazon Prime benefits so you can get your plants delivered ASAP.

Our pick: Costa Farms ZZ Plant, $28

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