You Can *Buy* This Minimalist Scottish Island for a Lifetime of Digital-Detox Getaways

Photo: Stocksy/Alexander May
Wouldn't it be nice to escape to a lush 64-acre private Scottish island for a relaxing digital detox getaway whenever you want? Well if you happen to have $350,000 burning a hole in your pocket, it can be all yours.

Considering the entire private island of Linga is the cost of some homes and much less than plenty of big-city apartments, it's kind of a steal. Plus, you can't beat the seclusion: Thrillist reports no one has lived there since 1934, so it would just be you, gorgeous scenic views, and plenty of wildlife.

No one has lived on the Scottish island of Linga since 1934, so it would just be you, gorgeous scenic views, and plenty of wildlife.

Since it's been uninhabited for so long, the island's infrastructure does need a little work. It currently includes two cottages that require renovations, but the previous owners have also made it possible to add a pier, a storage shed, a reception area, some agricultural buildings, and one more cottage, despite Scotland's restrictive development laws. You could even get some eco-friendly solar panels and a windmill to power your new home away from home, in case you're not ready to go all out with your digital detox.

And though the island isn't tropical (temps tend to hover around 55 degrees in the summer), it's undeniably beautiful and presents ultimate opportunity to recharge. Plus, if you want to see other humans or get some groceries to meal prep for the week, there's a small village that's a quick boat ride away.

If a private island is a little out of your budget (#same), you can visit these tiny homes in the woods for a digital detox instead. Or, learn why a digital detox is beneficial in the first place.

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