This New Sneaker Trend Is Going to Shake up the Spin Studio

Photo: Tiem
Unless you're diehard cyclist, chances are slim that you own your own spin shoes. But, if you let yourself really think about it—rented studio shoes can get pretty gross.

While we're sure the studios (hopefully) thoroughly clean them, let's face it. They're like bowling shoes, so multiple wearers all day, but even worse—people are seriously sweating in them.

But, luckily there's a new trend hitting the market that is about to shake up the cycling shoe industry, (meaning you don't need to be training for Tour de France to invest in a pair).

Introducing Tiem, a newly launched brand of cycling shoes that aren't just meant to clack through the studio and serve you during your class. Designed to resemble a classic running sneaker, these shoes are sleek, comfortable, and—best of all—are fully compatible with every bike in every studio.

Photo: Tiem

Best part? They're not exclusive to spinning. The Tiem shoes are made to be your go-to sneaker for all activities—not to mention perfect for instructors who hop on and off the bike all day—and are comfortable enough to wear whether you're lifting, trying out TRX, or just walking to grab an acai bowl on your way home. (The only thing the brand discourages is running and driving.)

Priced at $125, they are comparable to most running sneakers—and if you're renting shoes for $3 at the studio several times a week, they could pay for themselves pretty quickly.

And this seems to be just the beginning—New Balance has a pair in the works for next year. So it may not be long until more brands are hopping on the stylish spin sneaker bandwagon. (Serious opportunity for a skull-covered sneaker, SoulCycle?)

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