6 Buzzy Indie Beauty Brands You Should Know

As the demand for clean beauty products grows, more eco- and health-conscious brands are popping up than ever before. (Yes, even at Target.)

And that includes ones of the indie, double-tap worthy #shelfie variety.

For what these independent beauty brands lack in flashy ad campaigns and accessibility (you won't find them at the local drugstore...yet), they more than make up for it in ingredient transparency, major all-natural efficacy, and serious passion.

In the spirit of the Indie Beauty Expo happening this week, highlighted here are some standout movers-and-shakers within this realm of edgy skin care and cosmetics.

Keep scrolling to meet six of the coolest indie beauty brands to watch out for. You might want to make some room in your makeup bag....

linne botanicals
Photo: Instagram/@linne_botanicals

Linné Botanicals

Founded by the daughter of a surgeon and a healthy cook, Linné Botanicals is the brainchild of Jenna Levine, who began creating skin-care products in her kitchen at a young age (which were tested on her mom and sister). After receiving her certification in native plant botany and herbal medicine, Levine experimented with acne treatments for her sister using botanicals and potent chemical compounds—to much success. (Um, best sister ever?) This led her to share her creation with others, hence her line of complexion-boosting bottles filled with seasonal ingredients and native plants.

violets are blue
Photo: Violets Are Blue

Violets Are Blue

After she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Cynthia Besteman overhauled her personal-care products for non-toxic alternatives. And once she finished her treatments, Besteman wanted to share her passion for leading an organic lifestyle by creating not one but two lines of skin-care products.

Violets Are Blue has one collection for the average consumer, and another for cancer patients (the products help with chemotherapy and radiation dryness using gentle, extra-nourishing ingredients like calendula and carrot seed oils). And there's a serious do-good bend to the brand: Besteman partnered with Mount Sinai's Dubin Breast Cancer Center in New York City, providing cancer patients going through chemotherapy a Violets Are Blue gift set on their first day of treatment.

Photo: Kaia Naturals
Photo: Kaia Naturals

Kaia Naturals

Kaia Naturals' Takesumi Detox deodorant makes you sweat roses, but if that's not enough to convince you to check out this Canada-based brand, they have another beauty innovation created specifically for busy women. (Is there any other kind?) Their juicy bamboo cleansing wipes are completely biodegradable and literally disappear within 90 days when planted. Made out of 100 percent unbleached bamboo cloths and all-natural ingredients, they're safe enough for the most sensitive skin. Your gym bag called: it wants these ASAP.

rituel de fille
Photo: Rituel De Fille

Rituel de Fille

If you've ever excitedly purchased a super-bold eyeshadow to amp up your look only to come home and find out it doesn't go on nearly as bright as it appears, the founders of Rituel de Fille feel you. The brand's colors don't lose their vivaciousness when applied to your skin (and manage that feat without the help of toxic chemicals).

Photo: Cocokind


Not only does Cocokind believe in doing good for your skin by using the purest ingredients possible (think powerhouse superfoods like matcha and chlorophyll in purifying powder masks), but it's also doing good for the world too. The all-natural brand, founded by a former Wall Street researcher, donates proceeds to getting clean water, food, and education to children in need.

feather and bone
Photo: Feather & Bone

Feather and Bone

When Shubhangini Prakash was 12 years-old, her skin was breaking out from the harsh cleansers she was using—so her mother suggested using an all-natural herbal remedy. Since it worked (as always, mom knows best), Prakash began formulating the perfect natural face wash, and came up with her three-ingredient facial cleansing tablets: Feather and Bone's Face Gems. The tablets, comprised of Ayurvedic ingredient, are not only doled out into perfect serving sizes, but they each come in a tear-off plastic package that you can easily drop into your bag for when you're on-the-go.

The Indie Beauty Expo, Wednesday-Thursday August 24-25, The Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W. 18th Street, New York City. Consumer day is 4-8 p.m. on Wednesday. Get your tickets here—Well+Good readers get a 20 percent discount. Use the code WELLANDGOOD20. General admission tickets are $39.95 (plus you get a tote bag), VIP admission (which comes with a goodie bag) is $129.99.  indiebeautyexpo.com

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