The Cake ‘Little Sucker’ Is the Most Cost-Effective and Orgasm-Effective Suction Toy on the Market

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I am the opposite of a size queen. As a person with a nonrelaxing pelvic floor (medical speak for a tight vagina) I stay away from bigger sex toys and (ahem) biological appendages, fearing the pain and discomfort they could produce in me if I’m not properly relaxed and aroused beforehand. The number of unopened sex toys in my work closet sporting labels like "big," "thick," "kingly," and "girthy" provide evidence to my reality that when it comes to big, I prefer to go home. So, when I learned about a new toy from sexual wellness company Cake, its name immediately spoke to me: Little Sucker ($30).

An intense clitoral suction toy, Little Sucker is fist-sized and designed to replicate the sensation of receiving oral sex for folks with a vulva with its sucking function (as opposed to a buzzing function of a vibrator). Little Sucker has a penny-sized nozzle that’s designed to encapsulate and stimulate the clitoris, but like most other suction toys, Little Sucker can also be used to stimulate other external-facing erogenous zones, including the nipples, penis, and neck.

But—much to my personal pleasure—despite being small-sized, Little Sucker packs 10 different intensity settings. The softest feels like getting a butterfly kiss to the bits, and the most intense more like what I imagine it would feel like to be taken to O-Town by a woodpecker (in a good way).

The best part? Unlike many other beloved, high-performing (and high-costing) clitoral suction toys—like the Womanizer, Lelo Sona 2, and We-Vibe Melt—the Little Sucker will set you back less than your average takeout dinner for two.

Who should try the Little Sucker toy?

First up: Anyone who enjoys oral sex but who doesn’t have access to it—or access to it as often as they’d like. That includes anyone who is single or in a long distance (monogamous) relationship, as well as anyone navigating a desire discrepancy or libido mismatch within their partnership.

Little Sucker is also a good option for anyone who hasn’t received cunnilingus before, and is interested in exploring the sensation on their own. (Pro tip: In this case, use three times as much lube while testing your new friend as you think you need).

This silicone sweetie is also a great addition to partnered play—particularly, for couples and throuples that include one or more partners who enjoy receiving. It’s also a good purchase for couples where one person enjoys 69-ing more than the other. If your partner, for example, finds it too hard to lick while being licked back, they can let Little Sucker take over their job. Working smarter, not harder applies to mutual oral sex, too, folks!

Finally, Little Sucker is a great option for folks like me who don't enjoy the feel of a large penetrative toy or who are simply in the market for something a little different. Why? Because for a super-affordable price, you'll get a mighty little toy that’s able to provide a variety of non-penetrative sensations. Really, you’d be a sucker not to get the Little Sucker.

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