7 Airbnb Desert Escapes in California for a Restorative Minimalist Getaway

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They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but what about in the desert, where there's really no grass worth mentioning? Despite the lack of green blades between your toes in desert locales, the fact that so many places are currently straight-up frozen tundras makes me crave dry heat, cacti, crop tops, and vitamin D.

Plus, creativity seems to thrive is desert escapes: Think of Richard Serra's sculptures, Georgia O'Keeffe's New Mexico residence, or pretty much the entire town of Marfa, Texas. Just imagining the abundance of quiet, minimalist space is lowering my stress levels.

And, it turns out I'm not the only one dreaming of hot days and cool nights. According to Pinterest's 2018 trend forecast, people have saved "desert travel" pins 125 percent more this past year—and you don't even need to travel across the globe to sate your new, dry, restorative travel obsession. I've curated a selection of highly bookable and dreamy desert Airbnb options in California below.

See 7 Airbnbs in California below to fuel your desert-oasis inspiration.

Photo: Airbnb

1. Joshua Tree, California, $250 per night

As the perfect place for a relaxing and restorative trip, every part of this Airbnb was created and curated with a slow pace in mind.

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2. Yucca Valley, California, $325 per night

The arid locale, floor-to-ceiling windows, and soothing color palette are only the tip of the relaxation iceberg at this property—there is also an on-site saltwater pool.

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3. Pioneertown, California, $380 per night

For the eco-conscious traveler, this home is completely off the grid and powered by solar panels (and that's in addition to its breathtaking views).

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4. Joshua Tree, California, $90 per night

This minimalist whitewashed hideaway is ideal for warming up around the indoor fireplace during the cold desert nights.

Photo: Airbnb

5. Yucca Valley, California, $180 per night

The interior of this house is enough to write home about, but outside are two swings and a claw-foot bathtub (!).

Photo: Airbnb

6. Yucca Valley, California, $245 per night

This home is split into two sections, the second being a converted shipping-container bedroom—and it's outside. Plus there's a hot tub, an outdoor fireplace, and a hammock.

Photo: Airbnb

7. Joshua Tree, California, $215 per night

Outdoor showers are a simply impractical luxury in most places. This home at Joshua Tree incorporates said feature as well as stargazing lounges.

Pinterest also predicts this to be a big year for Mediterranean island hopping and edible essential oils.

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