The Biggest Mistake People Are Making With Their Double Cleanse, According to an Esthetician

Photo: Stocksy / Leandro Crespi
Double cleansing is the lather-rinse-repeat of skin care, and it's one of the best things you can do for your skin. Use an oil or a micellar water first, and then a traditional cleanser. But Cecilia Benavides, an esthetician and sales account manager at Repêchage, explains that we're all making it way harder than it needs to be. Turns out, you can double cleanse with the same cleanser.

"The first cleanse will help to lift the dirt off the top layer of the skin, so it's gonna help to break down makeup, dirt, and excess oil," she says. "And then the second cleansing will help to wash it away. You can use the same cleanser."

You may still want to use a makeup remover to gently remove eye makeup, but for everything else your normal cleanser will do, says Benavides. This is great for a few reasons: You don't have to tote two face cleansers to the gym, and when you have a really amazing cleanser that works for your skin type, you can further reap the benefits by using it twice. Although there are many "for all skin types" cleansers, Benavides is a huge fan of finding one that caters to your skin type.

"Let's say you have acne-prone skin and you're using a cleanser for dry skin—your skin already produces enough oil and sebum, and you can break out even more," she says. "You're clogging the pores more than just cleansing the skin and controlling the acne issue and the production of the sebum."

Once you've double cleansed and are feeling clean, Benavides says you should dry your face with a tissue instead of a towel. Detergent and bacteria lurking in a towel can irritate your skin. Also, they can be a little rough, and when it comes to your face, you want to keep things baby soft. So, can you double cleanse with the same cleanser? Yes, indeed.

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