3 Cute Sneakers You Can Actually Work Out in, According to a Pro

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Your class starts in 10 minutes, and you've only just realized your workout sneakers didn't make the morning commute. Looking down at your white low-tops, you can't help but wonder: Could I get away with wearing these to boot camp just this once—or should I just eat the cost of that cancellation fee? (Your wallet might hurt a little, but that's better than your feet, right?)

Reality check: While cute and capable of being paired with everything in your closet, unfortunately your favorite pair of street kicks aren't going to cut it for cardio, according to John Brummer, DPM. “They’re not shoes made for sports or high-impact activities,” he says. So no HIIT, running, or other exercises that require a lot of agility, either.

There are, however, exceptions to every rule. According to the surgical podiatrist (who specializes in sports and dance medicine), if you're really in a pinch there are three cool lifestyle kicks that you could lace up in a low-impact fitness pinch.

Here are the three street style all-star sneakers that you could wear to workout (if you really needed to), according to Dr. Brummer.

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1. Adidas Stan Smith

Workout: Tennis

What the pro says: “These are the best of this style for exercising—it has a better sole that's taller and stronger, and a good, hard heel counter. Plus [there's] a leather upper, which is better at holding the foot in place and less likely to tear than mesh or canvas."

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2. Nike Cortez

Workout: Strength training

What the pro says: “Something where you’re standing in place, like weights, would be okay.”

Photo: Instagram/@casnabotycz

3. Converse All Star

Workout: Spinning

What the pro says: “Nothing weight-bearing, though you could technically ride a stationary bike.”

If you're looking for a sneaker that'll get you through a high-intensity workout and look good with a skirt, maybe opt for a pair of VaporMax or APL instead. 

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