Everything To Know About Cancer, the Happy Homebody of the Zodiac Wheel

My lifelong best friend is a Cancer sun sign, so I can say from experience that you have simply not lived until you've bathed in the hospitality of a Cancer sign. That's largely because Cancer personality traits make this zodiac sign the one most married to the home... and the most married to their partner... and the most married to making you fancy cocktails and personal-pan pizzas (thanks, Shelby).

But if you, unlike me, haven't been so lucky as to have one by your side, you might be curious about what other personality traits are associated with this hygge-loving homebody. In addition to being the hostess with the mostess, of all the water signs, Cancer has the most gentle, placid presence. Still, these natural emotional empaths can get a little crabby at times. "Ruled by the moon, which is always reflecting the sun and changing signs every couple of days, Cancer tends to change their moods," says astrologer and intuitive healer Rachel Lang. "They often reflect the moods of others without even knowing it."

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Ready to dive deeper? Below, Lang shares the most common Cancer personality traits and more.

Cancer personality traits

"Cancer is sensitive and intuitive," Lang says. "They often are in tune with others’ feelings and vibes. Because of this, they tend to be the ones who take care of others, nurture relationships, and feel deeply committed to their family and friends; once a Cancer loves, they don’t easily let go. It takes a lot to open their hearts and trust, but once they do, they’re generally in it for the long run. They tend to be there for their friends."

"Once a Cancer loves, they don’t easily let go. It takes a lot to open their hearts and trust, but once they do, they’re generally in it for the long run." —Rachel Lang, intuitive astrologer

Cancers can become too involved in other people's live, though, at which point, their caretaker tendencies can work against them. At their lowest level, they become clingy and easily stressed. "They need to strike a balance between nurturing themselves and caring for others," says Lang. If not, they can build resentment. Since Cancer signs are great at remembering, well, everything, they often hold onto negative past experiences, and letting go doesn't come easily to them. They need emotional security, and if they feel unseen or unacknowledged in a relationship, they may withdraw, isolate, or turn to passive-aggressive behaviors. It’s important for Cancers to speak their mind.

Cancer personality traits extend beyond interpersonal relationships and matters of domestic life, though. "Cancer can be ambitious, too—but their ambition isn’t selfish," says Lang. "They are a cardinal sign, which means they can identify a need and make something happen. I know a lot of Cancer entrepreneurs; they want to build a nest for their family, and having security is very important."

How to get along with a Cancer

"Listen deeply," says Lang. "Cancer doesn’t skim the surface in relationships. They go deep. They want to know what’s on your heart more than your mind. Reach out to Cancer and show them you care. They value connection in relationships."

The Cancer in your life is likely to extend unconditional love and support to you, and they expect that in return. So be mindful and thoughtful about your relationship so you don't harm them—intentionally or not. And if you do harm them, address the matter directly and assume blame as necessary. "If you inadvertently hurt a Cancer, try to resolve the matter as soon as you can, or Cancer may hold a grudge or withdraw," says Lang. "Be sensitive to their moods."

What a Cancer needs to be happy

"A Cancer needs to feel at home, no matter what their living situation may be," says Lang. "They need to feel secure in relationships so they can feel safe in being vulnerable and opening up. They need to have a sense of family."

Who is Cancer compatible with?

There are certain astrological elements that blend well with and/or intrinsically understand where a Cancer is coming from. First are Cancer's fellow water signs: Pisces will reflect and nurture Cancer's emotional waves, and Scorpio will keep Cancer interesting, plunging them into exciting new depths. Earth signs will also work well with Cancer, including practical Virgo, who can financially support their life together, and sensuous Taurus, who can enrich a Cancer's life with their good taste.

"I’ve seen some strong Cancer/Capricorn matches, too, though these signs are opposite," says Lang. But hey, sometimes opposite zodiac signs attract and make for an extra-balanced pairing.

Cancer-approved careers

Cancers will thrive with careers that focus on or won't take them far from the home space. Focuses that support the WFH life include entrepreneurism, real estate, or even getting in touch with their visual side with interior design. (Of course these days, many more positions are remote, which is to a Cancer's liking.)

Beyond those ideas, Cancers thrive when they're able to use their nurturing spirit, and that skill can lend itself to many jobs. "Cancers can try out cooking or baking, event planning, healing, counseling or life coaching, nursing, or other helping professions," says Lang.

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