Cancer Season Can Be Emotionally Tough for Everyone—Here’s How Your Zodiac Sign Can Cope

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Though Cancer season ushers in the official start of summer, the cosmic vibe isn’t as carefree as that designation might suggest. Quite the opposite, in fact, is the sign of Cancer’s deeply caring and sensitive energy embodied by the “caretaker, nurturer, or ancestor archetype,” says astrologer Cristina Farella. In turn, this time of year can “prompt a lot of looking within,” she says—not just for Cancers but for every zodiac sign, making it extra-important to tend to your mental health.

In a sense, Cancer energy packs a double dose of emotional juice. Not only is Cancer ruled by the moon—which is associated with private emotional experiences, nostalgia, and our needs for safety and security, says Farella—but also, Cancer is a water sign, “and water is the element of emotional force, tapping us into the energies that run beneath the surface of things,” she says.

"Cancer season shines a spotlight in the realm of our tender hearts." —Cristina Farella, astrologer

As the sun moves into Cancer, it highlights all of the above themes, “shining a spotlight in the realm of our tender hearts,” says Farella. In other words, from now until July 22, all things tied to our inner emotions, deep ancestral stories, or needs for nourishment and love will be on full display, astrologically speaking. And that could spark some big feelings or even tears where you might not normally expect them to flow.

Dialing up that emotional tension are a few other cosmic transits this season, including challenging aspects between Mars (planet of action) and Pluto (planet of transformation) on July 1; the sun and Chiron (an asteroid linked with past-life wounds) on July 8; and the sun and Pluto on July 19. “Suffice it to say this may be a heavy time for us, and if the news is any indication, it seems like we’re right on time,” says Farella.

Because the sun in Cancer highlights a different astrological house for every zodiac sign, the emotions of Cancer season tend to show up differently for each sign, too. Below, Farella shares tailored advice for coping with Cancer energy based on how it'll likely hit each sign.

Here’s how to cope with the emotions of Cancer season, based on your zodiac sign


New revelations or hidden feelings related to your home life could be drudged up during this time, Aries. The sun in Cancer hits your fourth house of familial roots, shining a light on old memories or unresolved inner challenges, says Farella, who suggests working to redefine what safety and security really mean to you. "What are you looking for at home that you can instead give to yourself right now?" she recommends asking yourself. "Aim to secure your foundation this Cancer season, in whatever way possible."


You may feel drawn toward folks in your neighborhood or good friends during this time, Taurus, as your third house of community is activated. Perhaps, there's a local fundraiser, yard sale, or block party you could join in order to sate your desire to connect. Or, maybe you just spend some time taking soothing walks around the block and reconnecting with people as you go, suggests Farella. Because the third house is also the house of skill-building, another cosmically aligned idea is to put some energy into learning a new hobby that brings you joy, she adds.


Because Cancer season, for you, touches on your second house of money and resources, you'd be wise to keep a careful eye on spending and cultivate a practice of gratitude for what you have, says Farella. "This could also be a lovely time to clean out closets and part ways with whatever no longer adds value to your life by donating to a local charity," she says. Not to mention, she adds, donating to support those in need is a very Cancerian practice.


Take a deep breath, Cancer. Certainly, this season brings a burst of good energy for you as the sun takes its annual spin through your sign, illuminating your first house of identity and the self. But, at the same time, the extra Cancerian energy in the air could stir strong feelings around your self-image and ego, says Farella. "I wholeheartedly recommend pursuing any self-love practice that is accessible to you right now," she says. "Take things slow, nourish yourself with beautiful meals, celebrate yourself, and remember the care and love you bring to the rest of the world."


Your internal world could feel a-stir, Leo. Cancer season activates "a very private house in your chart, the 12th house of the unconscious," says Farella. And that could mean you feel the need to process personal or collective events with some alone time—a bit of a departure from your typically gregarious vibe. "Take this time to rest up before your season starts in a few weeks," says Farella, who also suggests tuning into your dreams, as they may be particularly rich or vivid.


Similar to Taurus, you could feel emotions bubble up within or surrounding your friends and communities, Virgo. In your case, the sun in Cancer highlights your 11th house of friendship, groups, and your relationship to the collective. "Turning to people who share your values, your vision for the future, and your special interests can help bring a sense of uplift," says Farella.


The emotional tug of Cancer season nags at your public image, Libra, as your 10th house of career and public perception is activated. "It might feel intense to be pulled into the wider world at this time," says Farella. To manage that feeling, use this time, instead, to slow down and reflect on how you really want to be perceived and the legacy you'd like to leave behind—even if it would require a change of direction from the path you've been pursuing.


As a fellow water sign to Cancer, you know a thing or two about feeling and processing emotions, Scorpio. And that natural knack makes Cancer season less turbulent for you—as does the fact that it highlights your exploratory ninth house of travel and education. In your case, embracing new artistic or cultural pursuits could shuttle you through this Cancerian period with joy, says Farella: "Go to museums, watch foreign films, or visit a new location in your neighborhood or beyond."


Prepare for some emotional tension, Sagittarius. Cancer season hits a "very tender part of your chart," says Farella, referencing the eighth house of psychological depths and power dynamics. As a result, you could find yourself dealing with big questions surrounding your relationship with yourself and how your past has shaped your present. "To help you process whatever may be weighing on your heart, connect with trusted loved ones," suggests Farella, who also recommends turning to inner child work to manage any childhood trauma that resurfaces.


Expect feelings to be on the rise in your close relationships, Capricorn. With your seventh house of partnerships highlighted throughout Cancer season, you could face a host of "important realizations or challenges in your romantic or platonic relationships," says Farella. Taking care to think before speaking and communicate as effectively as possible will be crucial to avoid unnecessary arguments. In particular, Farella suggests turning to relationship resources from the Gottman Institute, including intel on how to best give and receive "bids" or emotional asks within a partnership.


Because Cancer season lights up your sixth house of wellness and routines, you could find yourself physically (and emotionally) exhausted if you don't tend to your health, Aquarius. "You should avoid over-scheduling yourself, if you can help it," says Farella. "Instead, use this season to connect with a favorite embodiment practice—like breathwork, EFT tapping, or trauma-sensitive yoga or massage—and strive to find balance, above all else, in the daily rhythms of your life."


Like Scorpio, you're in your natural habitat amid the emotional waters of Cancer season, as a water sign yourself. Plus, Cancer season touches on your fifth house of creativity and self-expression, making it a prime time for you to experience high-vibe emotions of excitement, curiosity, and fun, says Farella. "Reach for your favorite creative outlet as a way to find comfort, and try not to judge yourself in the process of creating," she says. After all, you're supporting your inner child by embracing whatever just-for-fun activity feels right, she adds.

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