Every Sign’s Cancer Season Tarot Reading (or ‘Tarotscope’) To Provide Guidance for the Month Ahead

As you're likely already aware, a horoscope uses astrological events happening for your zodiac sign to forecast what you can expect in your life. Tarotscopes, then, are similar in spirit, but—you know—with a tarot-card twist. With Cancer season (June 20-July 22) fast-approaching, Maisy Bristol, tarot reader and founder of Tarot by Maisy, pulled a tarot card—which come in decks of 78 cards and are used to provide feedback and guidance—for every zodiac sign to help us navigate cosmic changes and provide a glimpse of what's to come. Basically, you can consider this Cancer tarot reading your tarot-inflected horoscope for the month.

First though, to set the general tone for Cancer season, Bristol pulled a single tarot card: the Seven of Swords in reverse, which means "secrets are about to be revealed," she says. "The Seven of Swords is about hidden indiscretions or, simply, not telling the whole truth about something. When it's reversed like this, those truths are unveiled in a way for which we aren't prepared. Whether we're the ones spilling the beans about our true feelings or someone is telling them to us, get ready for relationships and plans to shift."

What's your tarotscope this month? Below, find Bristol's Cancer season tarot reading for each zodiac sign.

Aries: Two of Wands reversed

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"The Two of Wands is about making plans and knowing where you want to go," Bristol says. "But when reversed, it suggests that we're directionless." In other words, Aries, you may get some unexpected news this Cancer season that may shake up your long-term plans.

Taurus: Ten of Swords

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Traditionally, the Ten of Swords is visually represented with a person lying face down on the ground with ten swords stabbing them in back (ouch). Rest assured, though, that the meaning of the card isn't as grim as the imagery. "It looks like you'll struggle with what to do next in your life," Bristol says. "After receiving some not-so-great news that directly affects already set plans, you'll be completely stumped as to how to handle the next step." But, despite your Cancer tarot reading, you'll have plenty of time beyond Cancer season to figure out the answers.

Gemini: The Magician

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The Magician card oozes with Gemini energy, given that it's associated with Mercury, Gemini's ruling planet. That is to say this Cancer zodiac reading for Gemini offers some relief. "While a lot may be revealed during the upcoming Mercury retrograde, you'll end up feeling much more satisfied after finally acknowledging the entire truth," Bristol says.

Cancer: Ace of Swords

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"Swords discuss our clarity and actions, while aces are all about new beginnings, Bristol says. “So, the Ace of Swords is all about pushing our boundaries and trying something out of the ordinary—like moving to another country. You may find that you don't like the life you're living, and that realization can push you to start a new project or a new life entirely."

Leo: Strength

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The Strength card, typically emblazoned with an image of a lion, is a very fitting pull for you, Leo. "With the card of self-confidence and personal power coming up here, you'll only grow stronger after receiving some news," Bristol says. "That information may even push you into the spotlight in some way at work or in your relationship."

Virgo: Six of Wands reversed

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The Six of Wands is about rebirth and doing away with old ways of thinking. "But reversed like this, it suggests a time when we're too focused on the past," Bristol says. "Thanks to some drudged up past experiences, traumas, or exes from the Seven of Swords, you'll have to stop your own progress to heal first."

Libra: Two of Pentacles

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Get ready for some ch-ch-changes, Libra. "Pentacles represent the material things in life (home, career, money, etc.), and 'two' cards suggest shake-ups and choices," Bristol says. "So, you may get some news around your home or career from the Seven of Swords that is asking you to change up your life in a major way."

Scorpio: Three of Swords reversed

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The Three of Swords, according to Bristol, points to an ex resurfacing. "This is a card of betrayal in deceit—particularly as it comes to relationships," she says. "But it's reversed here, which suggests healing. To me, it looks like a past flame may confess their undying love or, at the very least, apologize for their behavior. You'll take this in stride, and it will help you move forward."

Sagittarius: Five of Pentacles

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"This season, you'll realize some things about your relationship or career life—and those realizations may ask you to leave a few things behind," Bristol says. "You'll let go of a material life that you've had for a long time—for example, the company you've been with for 10 years. This cycle is about releasing the things that are no longer beneficial to you." So, as they say, out with the old, in with the new.

Capricorn: Ten of Cups

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"The Ten of Cups is a super-social and fun card," Bristol says. "The realization you have due to the Seven of Swords may be around the fact that you work too hard. This card is pushing you to see more people, reconnect with friends, and just have a good time." All while practicing social distancing and wearing a mask, of course.

Aquarius: The Tower reversed

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Cancer season promises lots of healing for you, Aquarius. "The 'news' you receive from the Seven of Swords may actually be in reference to how to handle a traumatic situation that already happened," Bristol says. "The Tower reversed is telling you that this is a period of restructuring. You'll find closure at last."

Pisces: The Star

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"The star is one of the most optimistic cards in the deck," Bristol says. "Because you're such an artistic sign, this could mean that the news you receive from the Seven of Swords is around inspiration. You'll be struck with inspiration for a project or vision. Get ready for mood boards, journaling, and creativity."

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