Give Your Brain and Beauty a Boost With a Whole Week’s Worth of Recipes From Candice Kumai

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This January, as part of Well+Good’s (Re)New Year, famed plant-based and classically trained chef Candice Kumai is providing five weeks of healthy recipes to help not only transform your eating habits, but set you up for year-long success. For the fifth and last week, the former model is sharing her top recipes to enhance your beauty *and* brains.

You know those women who walk into a room and own it? It's like they're magnetic. The thing is, it's not about an expensive blowout or a killer wardrobe. It's a deep confidence that really shines through. (And okay, flawless skin doesn't hurt either.)

It turns out that the same foods that make skin glow and keep it smooth and soft also pull double-duty and are good for your brain. And yes, you can use them to make delish pizza, ramen, and chocolate almond butter breakfast bites so good that they double as dessert.

While filming Top Chef, one of former model Candice Kumai's competitors told her she was "too pretty" to make it in the food world. Um, what? Since then, she's written six books (her latest Kintsugi Wellness is out this spring), has become one of the wellness world's most sought after chefs, and has amassed over 64,000 Instagram followers. (BTW, if you want to hang with her in person, there are still a few spots left for Well+Good's first-ever retreat, where she'll be hanging out.) If anyone can prove you can be smart and beautiful, it's her. And she wants you to know that you are too!

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To close out (Re)New Year, Kumai came up with a whole week's worth of recipes full of those multi-tasking brain and beauty foods mentioned above—plus tons more. You deserve to feel smart and beautiful every single day. And that starts with caring enough about yourself to cook nourishing meals. From miso avocado toast to matcha-encrusted cod, these recipes will help you do that. Download this week's shopping list here and check out what you'll be making this week below:

Brain and beauty boosting breakfast recipes

Brain and beauty boosting lunch recipes

Brain and beauty boosting dinner recipes

Here's to finishing out (Re)New Year strong and beautiful.

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