4 Candles That’ll Scent Your Room Just Like Your Favorite IRL Wellness Spaces

Photo: Stocksy/Bonninstudio
If the quarantine has begun to feel like you're in the movie Cast Away, tallying up the days you've been away from society, we feel you. Missing your favorite wellness spaces and fitness studios is tough, and can feel as though you're longing for an old flame from your past. Well, here's an antidote for you: Snag one of these four candles from wellness studios, which will transport you to them via your senses.

Whether you're missing a boutique fitness studio or a facial spa (ahh, facials!), we've rounded up the exact candles that give certain wellness hotspots around the country their signature scent. Keep scrolling to turn your home space into the studio that you miss the most with just the light of a match.

1. SoulCycle x Jonathan Adler Grapefruit Pop Candle, $42

Photo: SoulCycle

Remember clipping into a bike for a group spin class? Me neither. To give you the feeling that you're back at SoulCycle again, stock up on their candle collab with designer Jonathan Adler. It's uplifting, smells like grapefruit, and will remind you of tapping it back.

Shop now: SoulCycle x Jonathan Adler Grapefruit Pop Candle, $42

2. Y7 Prayer Hands Candle, $28

Photo: Y7

Fans of candlelit yoga studio Y7 will love the space's Prayer Hands candle, which is exactly what the yoga locale lights up in its studios to give a sense of groundedness. The blend of earthy, grounding sage and refreshing grapefruit make for a lovely sensorial upgrade to that post-savasana high.

Shop now: Y7 Prayer Hands Candle, $28

3. WTHN Signature Scent, $30

Photo: Wthn

If you've ever gotten acupuncture, you know all about that post-treatment boost of your energy and your mood. Acupuncture and healing studio WTHN in New York City is a beautiful space that delivers just that. And, now, you're able to get the feeling of being at WTHN with its signature-scent candle, which is a relaxing mix of frankincense and bergamot for your at-home self-care practices.

Shop now: WTHN Signature Scent, $30

4. SLT: Scent Simple Candle Co. Grapefruit Candle, $16

Photo: Scent Simple Candle Co.

Remember the feeling of burning out your muscles with the signature slow movements of Pilates-inspired fitness studio SLT? Fans of the super-hard but burns-so-good workout will appreciate this grapefruit-scented candle, which is exactly what SLT studios across the country use to put you in the mood to sweat.

Shop now: Scent Simple Candle Co. Grapefruit Candle, $16

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