Why Cannabis in Your Beauty Products Is the Next Big Thing

Adaptogen-infused smoothies and probiotic mints were easy additions to your healthy routine, but adding CBD—the latest super buzzy wellness booster—has been a harder sell because of its rebellious reputation.

But if you're "canna-curious," as Michael Bumgarner, founder and CEO of Cannuka, likes to call people who are interested in learning more about cannabis as a wellness tool, Bumgarner says the easiest place to start is with your skin-care routine—simply because the results are legit.

In line with the movement we called in our 2017 Wellness Trends, Cannuka combines the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of CBD (a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant) with the healing powers of New Zealand-sourced Manuka honey to create soothing, nourishing cleansers and creams that really work.

"If we can help someone walk out that door and feel better about the way they look, that’s wellness."

"We have a good family friend who has an 11-year-old son with eczema. He started using our products, and now he loves going to school. He's not nervous about getting eczema on his arms and the things people might say," Bumgarner shared as a panelist at our most recent Well+Good TALK. "If we can help someone walk out that door and feel better about the way they look, that’s wellness."

cannuka cbd skin care

The CBD and Manuka honey combo is so potent because of its ability to combat inflammation. "Ninety-nine percent of skin issues are a form of inflammation," Bumgarner says. Whether it's acne, rosacea, eczema, or simply sunburn and chapped lips, reducing inflammation—facilitated by the therapeutic-grade CBD in Cannuka—will help to alleviate symptoms.

For Bumgarner, the great thing about introducing people to CBD through a topical product is that they can physically see the results. "We’re seeing it in real time," he says. "We get pictures as much as we hear it. We’re really affecting people’s lives because they're getting that confidence up."

cannuka cbd skin care
Bumgarner (left) with Well+Good co-founder Melisse Gelula and fellow TALK panelists Cindy DiPrima Morisse, co-founder of CAP Beauty and The Daily Hit; and Chris Sayegh, owner and head chef at The Herbal Chef.

Not only is Cannuka's disruptive presence in the beauty industry making a difference in people's lives by helping them transform their skin, it's also making a global impact through sustainable farming.

Bumgarner's relationship with hemp was sparked by a desire to help struggling farming communities in rural Ohio where he grew up. Now as the owner of 1,000 acres of industrial hemp farms in multiple states—and on track for 8,500 by the end of 2020—the impact Cannuka is having on the lives of farmers is tangible.

"Some Farm Bureaus do not fully understand the potential of hemp-derived CBD," Bumgarner says. "But cannabis is one of the most environmentally friendly commodities or crops that you can grow, and if we do increase demand, we’re going to need more farmers."

Whether it's the commitment to creating jobs and helping farmers feed their families, or the feel-good stories from people who have gained a major confidence boost from their transformed skin, Cannuka's focus on people is what the canna-beauty revolution more than just a passing trend.

In partnership with Cannuka

Photos: Elena Mudd for Well+Good

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