4 Ways Cannabis Improved My Love Life

If you haven't heard already, there's a new marijuana movement growing. And unlike the stoner culture associated with words like weed or pot—nicknames its members prefer not to use in an effort to elevate the conversation around cannabis—this community is all about exploring ways the plant can help you live a healthier life—from deepening your detox to relieving pain and anxiety to combatting PMS, and even taking your runner's high to new heights. (Something I've seen firsthand, as a Harvard Business School grad-turned-founder of Cannabis Feminism.)

Photo: Instagram/@mollypeckler
Photo: Instagram/@mollypeckler

Cannabis can also help when it comes to matters of the heart, says Molly Peckler, a 4/20-friendly life coach and dating expert who encourages people to use the herb as a confidence booster in the bedroom and beyond.

Specifically, Peckler says there are four ways cannabis has improved her love life—and could potentially improve yours, too.

1. It makes me a way more sensitive partner

"Cannabis broadens my perspective and allows me to be more compassionate and empathetic toward my husband. I'm a lot more logical and rational, rather than controlled by my emotions."

2. I've become more open to experimenting

"Using cannabis with [my husband] gives me the courage get out of our routine and try new things."

3. My sex life has been, ahem, lit up

"Cannabis can greatly enhance your sex life with your partner. There's a strain of indica called Granddaddy Purple that gets rid of any [of my] anxiety and immediately turns me on in the bedroom. It's also great to use after as a way to reflect and bond."

4. It brings harmony to my marriage

"My husband and I have a 'peace pipe' that we use when things get heated. Cannabis forces us to relax and take a deep breath. It provides the perspective to ask, 'What are we doing?' I'm much better at admitting I'm wrong after I use cannabis!"

If you plan to test Peckler's theories, here's how to create a cozy night in with your S.O. (Try this recipe for rose-pistachio donuts in case you get the munchies.)

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