7 Delicious, Creative, and High-Protein Meals You Can Make With a Can of Baked Beans

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Don't overlook that can of baked beans hiding in the back of your pantry. There are plenty of creative uses for canned baked beans that are both delicious and budget-friendly.

Like other beans, baked beans are loaded with protein. A single cup contains 14 grams, not to mention the same amount of fiber. When you think outside the box, you'll be able to enjoy the nutritional benefits in a mouth-watering way, whether you use those baked beans in pizza, falafel, or even pasta dishes. Here are the best canned baked beans recipes to start with.

Creative canned baked beans recipes

1. Baked bean sheet pan nachos

canned baked beans recipe
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There are so many different ways you can make these sheet pan nachos, but the star of the show is the baked beans. Combine them with your protein and cheese of choice, then add on all the toppings.

Get the recipe: Baked bean sheet pan nachos

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2. Baked bean pizza

The thought of making baked bean pizza might sound weird, but don't knock it 'til you've tried it. The final result looks ridiculously good.

Get the recipe: Baked bean pizza

3. Tomato baked bean pasta bake

canned baked beans recipe
Photo: Smart Nutrition

You can whip up a protein-packed pasta bake using nothing but baked beans, canned tomatoes, some seasonings, and cheese. Better yet: The entire meal costs less than $5 to make.

Get the recipe: Tomato baked bean pasta bake

4. Baked bean quesadillas

You can make delicious and filling quesadillas with baked beans, cheese, mushrooms, and soft flour tortillas.

Get the recipe: Baked bean quesadillas

5. Baked bean sloppy Joes

canned baked beans recipe
Photo: Connoisseurus Veg

You can use whatever beans you have in your pantry in this sloppy Joes recipe—baked beans, included.

Get the recipe: Baked bean sloppy Joes

6. Baked bean falafel burgers

You can turn a can of baked beans into crispy falafel. It's easy, healthy, and—best of all—budget-friendly. Even the liquid in the can gets used in a tasty slaw.

Get the recipe: Baked bean falafel burgers

7. Baked beans on toast

canned baked beans recipe
Photo: Abbey's Kitchen

When you eat a traditional English breakfast, you'll find baked beans on toast is pretty popular. You can easily make the Brit-beloved staple yourself with a canned of baked beans. While this recipe makes baked beans from scratch, you can use a canned version with these all-star toppings.

Get the recipe: Baked beans on toast

Have black beans on hand, too? Make yourself a batch of brownies:

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