Canopy Is Launching a Water-Free Diffuser—And It Knocked Our Socks Off

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When Canopy launched its innovative line of humidifiers last year, it was unlike anything we'd ever seen. The machines were affordable and more mold-proof than most, which made them easy to recommend. Now, the brand is reimagining the essential oil diffuser to make scenting your home fuss-free.

Canopy Diffuser — $70.00

The new water-free, scent diffuser that you can buy to replace all of your candles.

What makes the diffuser different

This next-gen diffuser is meant to "eliminate the hassles and health risks of traditional models." The desk-friendly device is small and utilizes no water, which means that it won't grow mold or harbor bacteria in the way that water-bearing machines can. "Part of what we felt was lacking in the market was versatility and optionality in these products," says Eric Neher, the brand's Chief Marketing Officer. "In most aroma diffusers, all you can really do is fill the basin with water, dump some oil into the diffuser, and turn it on, and that's the scent you're going to get until the water is gone and then you have to go in and painstakingly clean the inside of the diffuser and start the process all over."

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  • Eric Neher, Eric Neher is the Chief Marketing Officer at Canopy, a company focused on transforming your home into the ultimate place for beauty and wellness.

With the Canopy Diffuser, you don't have to deal with any of these annoyances. Plus, it comes with two different diffusion methods, which allow for a truly personalized experience in scenting your home. You can either place a few drops of essential oil onto an aroma puck, which gives you strong, short-term scent diffusion, or you can use the essential oil well for a longer-lasting scent. "You can be diffusing one scent for a minute, then change it immediately," says Neher. "The aroma pucks give you the ability to change the scent based on what your mood really dictates."

What to know about the essential oil blends

To celebrate the launch of the diffuser, Canopy is also releasing its first-ever line of original essential oil blends (in the past, the brand has partnered with The Sill and Open Spaces to develop aromas). "The first drop is called 'Sanctuary,' and we felt as though it made a lot of sense to start out with a collection that's focused on making your home feel like the haven that you really want to be," says Neher. "Right now, with what's going on in the world and the fact that we're spending a lot of time inside, we have to do everything we can to make our homes feel really comfortable and like a place that supports our wellbeing."

The collection includes three scents, each of which is meant to serve a different purpose throughout the course of your day. "We wanted to start with a collection that felt like it covered the basis around modern scent profiles," says Neher.

First up is Freshwater Rose, which combines rose water, peony petals, and orange oil. "We think of this one as a start—or restart—to your day," says Neher. "It's about bringing joy and cheer into your home, and is a great way to give your home a refresh."

Next, there's a tart-yet-woodsy blend of blackberry, wild rhubarb, and Amyris oil called Blackberry Vines. "We wanted to create a scent that feels like it's giving you a hug and cocooning you in comfort while really adding an element of comfort and coziness to the home," says Neher, explaining that the combination of the bright fruits with the woodsy, peppery aroma of Amryis gives a "complex scent profile that will elicit calm relaxation."

Finally, there's Suede Smoke, which is all about creating a "smoky, sultry, seductive moment," says Neher. "We see this one as being an evening-time diffusion," he adds. The scent pairs powdery suede with rich, floral jasmine and the grassy, earthy notes of vetiver for a subtly-sweet-yet-sensual aroma.

While you can—and absolutely should—use the brand's essential oils (Blackberry Vines is a dead ringer for Diptyque Baies), you can also diffuse your own single-note essential oils or blends if you prefer that.

Is it worth it?

Though the diffuser is small, it's also mighty, and it scents my entire 550-square-foot apartment. For $90, you can score a diffuser, one of the sample Sanctuary scents, and a well—or, for $70, you can subscribe to receive the diffuser, three Sanctuary blends, a well. Following that, every six weeks you'll receive three Santuary blends, three new pucks, and a new well from the brand  and you'll be billed $20 at that time. Given my personal experience with the lineup, I'll go ahead and suggest the latter.

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