The Last New Moon of 2022 Dares You To Dream Big for the Year Ahead

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You can let out a cosmic sigh of relief—the stars are aligning to end the year on an encouraging note! The new moon in Capricorn perfects in the sky on December 23 at 2:17 a.m. PT / 5:17 a.m. ET, and connects with warm-hearted and enthusiastic Jupiter, a planet of fortune, luck, and expansion. The sun and moon will be joined by Mercury, Venus, and Pluto, who are all also floating through the zodiac sign of Capricorn. With so much cardinal earth energy in the sky, we’re well-equipped to initiate something new and take practical steps to reach our desired goals.

New moons generally represent the start of a new chapter. The new moon in Capricorn invites us to reflect on what we want to be remembered for—what’s the legacy you want to leave behind, and what are you working toward? Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn has a reputation for being hardworking and concerned with achievement. This is a powerful time to lay the foundation for a new career, project, or objective that you’d like to bring to life in the coming year.

We're feeling confident to pursue our purpose in a way that may have once felt out of our reach.

This is the perfect new moon for manifesting as the sun and moon, both in Capricorn, will mingle with Jupiter, a harbinger of good luck and a testament to our internal sense of faith within ourselves. We’re feeling confident to pursue our purpose in a way that may have once felt out of our reach. Tap into the earth-sign nature of Capricorn to stay grounded and root your expectations.

Cosmic spoiler alert: Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on December 29, which may bring some delays and a course correction to whatever seeds you plant. This period of revision isn’t meant to discourage you, but rather help you refine your next steps so you’re moving forward in a more stable and solid manner. Patience is key—you’re closer than you think!

Read on for your rising, sun, and moon signs for more insight on how this new moon will affect your zodiac sign and birth chart.

What the Capricorn new moon may have in store for your zodiac sign


You feel encouraged to start fresh in your career as the new moon activates your 10th house of reputation, public life, and legacy. With the moon angling favorably toward Jupiter, you’re feeling full of confidence and ready to take a leap of faith when it comes to your career path. This lunation may align with the arrival of a promotion, or start of a new job or project that could help earn you some well-deserved recognition!

Your new moon self-care practice: Share some of your 2022 accomplishments publicly! Feel into the gratitude you have for how far you’ve come and allow yourself to receive the recognition and acknowledgment you deserve.


You feel like your potential is truly limitless with the new moon moving through your ninth house of wisdom, spirituality, perspective, and travel. Exciting news you’ve been waiting for may arrive, and your spirit is feeling more carefree. This lunation could coincide with meeting a new mentor, studying a new subject of interest, dabbing in a new spiritual practice, or planning some travel.

Your new moon self-care practice: Do some breathing exercises to clear your mind, hold a pen to a piece of paper, and pretend your hand is magnetized to the other side of the paper. Let your hand be the guide and start writing before anything comes to your mind. You’re sure to come across some unexpected insight.


Others are taking notice of you, Gemini, as the new moon lands in your eighth house of investments, vulnerability, and your psyche. With the new moon connecting gently with supportive Jupiter, you may receive some meaningful support, whether that’s emotionally or financially. You may network with powerful people who could help bring one of your dreams to life.

Your new moon self-care practice: Make a list of parts of your past that you’re ready to release. Burn it and flush the remains. You’re ready to start a fresh chapter and send more compassion and grace to your current and past versions of yourself.


The new moon activates your seventh house of relationships and one-on-one contracts. This marks a fresh start around partnership: coupled Cancers can reignite their spark while single Crabs may meet someone with lasting potential. In terms of work, you may make some new connections or finalize a contract that could lead to more expansion and blessings in your career and professional life.

Your new moon self-care practice: Collaborate! If you’re working on a project, reach out to others in your department to ask for advice. If you’re hoping to join forces with a particular company or client, shoot your shot and send the email! Jupiter’s luck is on your side.


The new moon lands in your sixth house of hard work, routine, health, and habits. This is an aligned time to freshen up your routine. Start small, with one change at a time. You may also start a new project that requires more of your hard work and dedication. If that’s the case, you’ll likely need to break out from your regular routine and embrace a little more spontaneity as you reimagine your work-life balance.

Your new moon self-care practice: It’s time to get back into your body. A daily grounding practice will help you feel more prepared for your busy schedule and remind you that you are meant to be embodied and enjoy Earth’s pleasures.


The new moon lands in your fifth house of pleasure, fun, creativity, and romance, asking you to pay attention to these areas of your life. This can mark the beginning of a new romantic and pleasurable journey—reconnecting with your sexuality or reawakening a dormant dating life. The more you follow your joy and invest your time in activities that are truly meaningful to you, the more rewards will continue to flow your way.

Your new moon self-care practice: Take yourself out on your dream date. Take initiative now—it will send ripple effects into the Universe as you sink into the present moment and experience joy on your own terms and timeline.


Home, family, and the past are all top of mind with the new moon lighting up your fourth house of ancestry, roots, and your living environment. This lunation could coincide with the decision to move, find new roommates, or even move in with a partner. Jupiter’s sweet influence could mark the meeting of a new lover and your family, or the deepening of a bond.

Your new moon self-care practice: Spend time with loved ones and your chosen family. You’re not only craving connection, but depth and intimacy from others who accept and understand all of you.


Here comes a cosmic download, Scorpio, when the new moon moves through your third house of communication, information, learning, and new skills. You may be on the precipice of learning something new, signing up for a new course or program, or simply finally receive news you’ve been waiting for. This could mark a change in your perspective, too. Self-expression is favored under this lunation–don’t be afraid to speak from your heart.

Your new moon self-care practice: Write out a list of your limiting beliefs and all the cruel things you say to yourself in your mind. Cross out each of the limiting beliefs, then re-write the negative self-talk with a positive spin. Repeat these new affirmations as you go to bed and before you get up first thing in the morning.


Got finances on the mind, Sagittarius? The new moon activates your second house of income, resources, and possessions. You may be ready to splurge and indulge on a big-ticket item you’ve wanted to treat yourself with for a while, or commit to a new financial goal. This area of your chart also has to do with work and career—perhaps you’re starting in a new position at work or about to get good news about a raise or bonus!

Your new moon self-care practice: A little indulgence goes a long way. If it’s possible, reward yourself with something—a new sweater, massage, or a book.


This new moon is in your sign and activates your first house of identity, sense of self, and personal ambitions. This is your personal New Year’s—you don’t need to wait until January 1 to make resolutions. Who do you want to be moving forward and what pieces of yourself are you ready to leave behind? This is a physical, mental, and emotional reset that is priming you to step into the icon you know you are. Reinvent yourself as you please!

Your new moon self-care practice: Mirror magick is on the menu! Who do you want to be? Pretend your reflection on the other side of the mirror is a future version of you. Speak positive affirmations in the present tense as you stare deeply into your eyes.


This new moon asks you to reflect on your relationship with boundaries around your time and schedule. Saying no and honoring what your body is asking of you is a powerful spell. Your schedule and routine could need a little adjusting, so make changes accordingly to prioritize your health. This could also mark a wave of divine inspiration, as your intuition is very active and sending you signs from the Universe with nuggets of support and wisdom.

Your new moon self-care practice: Cancel some social plans. ‘Tis the season to focus on your rest and recharge. Your season is almost here and you’ll need all the energy and more!


As the new moon moves through your 11th house of friendship, associations, groups, as well as your hopes and dreams, you may be rubbing shoulders with new acquaintances that have the potential to be lifelong friends. You may be on the receiving end of gifts from friends, or meet someone who can help you make connections key to achieving your goals. Pay attention to which friendships fill you up, and which leave you feeling depleted.

Your new moon self-care practice: Craft an elevator pitch! You never know who you’re going to meet and who they might know. With a pitch at the ready, you’ll always be prepared to offer some brief and engaging highlights that could speed up the timeline of one of your manifestations!

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