The First New Moon of 2022 Isn’t Like Most New Moons—Here’s What To Expect for Your Zodiac Sign

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As we start off this brand-new year, the energy is a bit restricted, hazy, and there is much to sort through before we can experience growth during the spring season: Mercury in Aquarius (the planet of communication) is in its pre-retrograde shadow phase, while Venus in Capricorn (ruler of relationships, money, and love) is in full retrograde motion. This energy creates delays and adds restrictions, forcing us to consider the past, revise the present, and make whatever changes are necessary in our own lives. With all of this happening during the first new moon of the year in the sign of Capricorn, which represents authority, structure, and reality, prepare for a realistic reset in these areas of life.

This Capricorn new moon, happening on Sunday, January 2, 2022, is in what astrologers call its detriment, creating a serious and less emotional approach to life. Typically, new moons are the time to initiate, but not during this particular cycle. Essentially, the planetary alignment of this lunation is encouraging us to rethink old patterns or ways of structuring certain facets of our lives. This upcoming lunar cycle will also form a tense connection with Chiron in Aries. Chiron is the wounded healer in astrology, and during its 2018 transit in Aries, we learned as a collective and integrated the resistance towards who we truly are as individuals.

Typically new moons are the time to initiate, but not during this particular cycle.

Another important cosmic factor of this new moon in Capricorn is the influence of Venus retrograde and Pluto in Capricorn. Venus is the planetary goddess of wealth, money, love matters, relationships, harmony, and equality. Pluto seeks to remove and transform what is taking up space. While retrograde, this can ask for us to take a second look as a society surrounding financial matters, our supply chain, equality, and what archaic patterns must come to an end. The new moon is also forming a trine aspect with the rebellious Uranus in Taurus, pushing us to fearlessly embrace our worth and value as a collective.

Navigate this time by practicing presence and monitoring your emotions to decide what can stay or go. Below, learn what to expect for your sign, specifically, during the new moon in Capricorn, and then embrace a high-vibe bespoke affirmation to get you through the challenges that may come up during January. Read your sun, moon, and rising sign below for a more holistic view of the month ahead!

What the Capricorn new moon may have in store for your zodiac sign


It’s a brand-new start in terms of your career and professional life, Aries. The Capricorn new moon is impacting your 10th house, and restructuring this area of your life will be your priority. Perhaps you’ve realized certain rules, regulations, or even a manager has been limiting your growth. If so, now it’s time to break out from unnecessary authority in order to become the leader you were meant to be.

Now is a time to revise, rethink, and edit who you are associated with professionally. Old connections can resurface and contact you in order to offer you new opportunities. Remember to advocate for what you deserve, and decide whether this new direction can offer the longevity you crave.

Your new-moon affirmation: I’m a powerful leader, and my out-of-the-box ideas are what brings success into my life.


It’s time to expand your mind, Taurus. The new moon in Capricorn is in your ninth house of higher learning, wisdom, and spirituality. The year kicks off fueling your need to take a course, go back to school, or even teach others. You may be required to shift certain areas of your life in order to do this. A new mindset surrounding your spiritual growth can also be a theme for some Tauruses.

It’s important to be aware of your communication with others in your professional life, too, as the year begins. You can feel the desire to reorganize your workspace and change the structure of how you are working and what your overall vision is. A great way to start off the year is by writing down goals and an overall strategy for where you see yourself heading in 2022. If you can envision it, you can do it!

Your new-moon affirmation: I am one with my higher self, and I make decisions from this empowered space.


Your focus is on reassessing your finances as the year begins, dear Gemini. The new moon in Capricorn will be illuminating your eighth house of loans, shared resources, and other people’s money. Outstanding issues or challenges in this area of life could resurface, but only for you to resolve them and move forward. Activities like rebudgeting and refinances could be in the energetic spotlight, Gemini.

Confusion over communication can also start to take hold around this time. It’s best to use the start of the year to ground yourself in whatever reality you’d like to create! You’re the sign representing thought consciousness, Gemini, so use this time to gather them. What is your long-term vision for the year? Identify and also revise what’s no longer in alignment.

Your new-moon affirmation: Speaking my truth will set me free.


Cancer, moon cycles heavily affect you because the moon is your planetary ruler. As the year kicks off, your focus will be on significant relationships, contractual agreements, and partnering with others. A brand-new opportunity can emerge that requires you to collaborate to build something for the long-term. Remember to remain in your authenticity creatively.

Love can take a serious turn for some Cancers, while others can finally realize what’s out of alignment with their love life and make much-needed shifts. Remember that you matter, and advocate for your worth in order to maintain internal harmony and balance. This Venus retrograde period that’s also influencing the moon can encourage you to do that.

Your new-moon affirmation: I honor and value my emotions inside of relationships.


It’s time to restructure for the best, Leo, with a new daily routine, work-life balance, and method for nurturing your body. An increase in work may push you to realize that shifting around your schedule is a necessity. Organizing or purging your calendar can be a wonderful way for you to start the New Year.

You also can experience some positive changes surrounding your career and professional life. The Capricorn new moon forms a harmonious trine with Uranus in Taurus, which has been shaking up your career and professional life since 2018. Expect breakthroughs and rewards to come through based on all of the effort you’ve put in. Delays and miscommunication may also occur during this lunar portal, but you can totally handle these small hiccups.

Your new-moon affirmation: My time, energy, and resources are valuable. I only spend this on what truly nourishes me.


Your creativity, self-expression, and projects are in the forefront during this new moon in Capricorn. Centered in your fifth house, the beginning of the year kicks off with a complete overhaul of this area of life. Have you limited yourself, or restricted what it is that you truly want to put out into the world? This new moon is encouraging you to overhaul this area of life and approach creative projects with a new perspective.

Fertility matters for some Virgos could also be top of mind, as could focusing on the lives of your children, if that's applicable to your life. Now could also be a time of financial or review of your investments, especially with Venus retrograde's influence on the new moon. Ask yourself where you haven't been creating stable foundations because now, the universe is encouraging you to make positive changes.

Your new-moon affirmation: I embrace my creative truth, and others love what I have to offer the collective, too.


Your focus is on your home during the new moon in Capricorn. This new lunar cycle will be in your fourth house, influencing you to renovate, redecorate, or take a deep look at how your home is structured. If there are things that are out of balance and disharmonious, the universe is influencing you to change them. Some Libras could refinance or seek better ways to pay for their home domain.

Sudden breakthroughs surrounding mortgages, loans, or shared resources are also in order as the year begins, with the moon forming a supportive connection with Uranus in Taurus in your eighth house. Venus, the ruler of money and also your planetary ruler, will be retrograde and heavily influencing this new moon. This can also encourage you to organize and stabilize the help you (or a partner, if this applies) are receiving financially.

Your new-moon affirmation: My home is always abundant, safe, and secure.


Communication is key as the year begins, Scorpio. The Capricorn new moon will be centered in your third house, adding quite a busy energy to your schedule. Important meetings, discussions, and the need to focus on organizing vital documents could be the focal point of your new year. Opportunities to collaborate with past colleagues or friends could develop at this time. Read between the lines carefully. It’s important to ensure that all of the terms are in your favor.

You also can expect to focus on cleaning up and organizing your home. Mercury will be in its shadow phase during the new moon, encouraging you to change up the structure of your private sanctuary. Especially if you work from home, this can be the positive cleansing you’ve needed.

Your new-moon affirmation: I collaborate with individuals who support and encourage my vision and ideas.


Money is on your mind as the new moon in Capricorn kicks off the year in your second house. This new lunar cycle is encouraging you to review, revise, and change old patterns for the better. Abundance isn’t just a mindset, but it can also thrive when you feel mentally at peace. You will use the first part of the year to develop new ways to organize your earned income and even have the motivation to ask for more. You deserve it, Sagittarius.

You could also renegotiate old contracts or discuss facets of past agreements that are no longer in alignment. Mercury in Aquarius (communication) is in the pre-retrograde shadow phase, and Venus in Capricorn (finances) is in retrograde. Use this new moon as an opportunity for renewal.

Your new-moon affirmation: My skills and talent are worthy. When I communicate this, others recognize it, too.


You’re starting off the New Year with a fresh perspective, Capricorn. This is the most important (and powerful) new moon of the year for you, as it’s occurring in your sign. While this is a time of serious review, you also are gaining new ideas on what’s needed in your relationships. People from the past can resurface in order to reteach your old lessons about balancing the scales in platonic or romantic bonds.

The new moon will form tension with Chiron in Aries, centered in your home and family life. You may have to reassert your opinion in terms of family matters. This also is a powerful time for ancestral healing and resolving old wounds that have held back your progress. Don’t worry—this is a time of positive growth, Capricorn!

Your new-moon affirmation: Releasing and healing the past will allow me to fully embrace and move towards a brighter future.


As the new moon in Capricorn kicks off 2022, you will feel the need to hibernate, Aquarius. Though your sign rules over groups and networking, you will feel called for some much-needed alone time. This is due to the new moon activating your hidden and subconscious 12th house. A new mindset can develop from this fresh lunar cycle. Retreat into meditation, yoga, or practices that allow you to become mindful of your thoughts.

This lunation can also encourage you to change your mindset when it comes to relationships. Venus, the planet ruling over the balance in love, is retrograde, and will highly influence the energy of the new moon. Where have you placed your own limitations on what you need in this area of your life? Expect epiphanies on how you can transform this part of your life.

Your new-moon affirmation: There is beauty in alone time, contemplation, and solitude. I’m healing myself from the inside out.


You will receive support from influential people in your network during the new moon in Capricorn. Old friends, ex partners, and those you have not connected with for some time can come out of the woodwork at this time. This is enlightening your 11th house and opening up opportunities from past connections. You can expect breakthroughs from others at this time, so it’s important to stay connected to your community. Even if it’s not in person and via the internet, you never know who will lend a helping hand.

This is also motivating your future vision, hopes and dreams. Perhaps you have worked on a long-term project or goal. Now, the new moon in the structured sign of Capricorn is encouraging you to get serious. It’s time to lay a sturdy foundation to start building on your idea and making it a reality. Revise your plans, and start to practically set the stage for the positive growth (Jupiter is in Pisces!) coming your way later this year.

Your new-moon affirmation: I can always rely on others to support my goals and help make my visions a reality.

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