Capricorn Season Is Giving CEO Energy—And We Could All Use Some of That To Kick Off 2024

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With the holiday season in full swing and the dawn of a new year on the horizon (what’s up, 2024?!), Capricorn season is officially upon us. And in classic fashion for the task-oriented sign, it's arriving this year in what feels like perfect timing: If there’s anything that’s going to help push us through the tail end of 2023 and prep us for a new year, it’s going to be the unmatched boss energy of the zodiac’s sea goat.

According to astrologers, a few unique cosmic transits (like Saturn's transit in dreamy Pisces and the end of both Jupiter's and Mercury's retrogrades) are setting the stage for a rare—and transformative—Capricorn season. Ahead, learn more about Capricorn season 2023, plus what’s in store for your zodiac sign.

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When is Capricorn season 2023?

Capricorn season begins on the evening of December 21, when the sun moves into the ambitious and tradition-loving zodiac sign of Capricorn, and it ends on the morning of January 20, when the sun shifts into Aquarius’s realm.

During this time of year, you’re bound to feel the determined, go-getter energy of Capricorn, inspiring you to take bold steps forward in every area of your life.

Overall mood and energy of Capricorn season 2023

If the zodiac had a CEO, it would be Capricorn. The sign's season will be a great time to focus on your priorities, explore your duties in every aspect of your life, and pour energy into your work, says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of Astrology: An In Focus Workbook.

Ruled by the taskmaster planet of Saturn, Capricorn has a determined, hard-working nature that provides us with the diligence we need to see the current calendar year through to its end—and begin the next with a refreshed understanding of our goals and life purpose. “Capricorn season always accords with the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere,” says Gailing. “We find ourselves at an extreme of [either] dark or light, which is a deeply soulful turning point filled with renewal and reverence.”

“We find ourselves at an extreme of [either] dark or light, which is a deeply soulful turning point filled with renewal and reverence.” —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

There’s something unique about the vibes surrounding this Capricorn season, though, according to astrologer and tarot reader Ryan Marquardt. Capricorn's ruler Saturn moving through dreamy Pisces will add a certain empathetic, intuitive softness to the season.

Just as it will be a good time to boss up and get sh*t done, it will also be a great time to reflect on your accomplishments from this year and honor the hard work you’ve done to get to this point. “There’s a very different feeling this year,” says Marquardt. “Saturn entered Pisces in March 2023, and it hasn't been in Pisces for 30 years. If you're in your 20s, this is your first time ever experiencing a Capricorn season like this—it’s super reflective.”

Not only that, but according to Marquardt, all planets except for Uranus will be direct (aka, not retrograde) right as we enter 2024, providing us with a forward momentum that will heighten the excited, ambitious energy of the new year. “I think people are going to feel that new year energy, more so than they normally would,” says Marquardt. “It doesn't always line up that seamlessly!”

Key transits affecting every sign during Capricorn season 2023

Planetary movements

As Capricorn season begins, we may find ourselves unable to make a lot of progress, says Gailing, as Mercury retrograde is in full swing, and Jupiter continues its lengthy retrograde, as well. As December comes to a close, however, we'll gain more traction when Jupiter goes direct on December 30, and Mercury, on January 1.

Given that Jupiter is the planet associated with expansion, learning, and good fortune, as it ends its retrograde, “you may find yourself yearning for growth, fueled by hope and optimism—which is fantastic timing, given New Year’s Eve is the following day,” says Gailing. With all the planets except for Uranus transiting direct (that is, moving in forward motion) come the new year, we’ll experience a great amount of momentum at the top of 2024 that can promote strides in personal progress.

On January 14, love-planet Venus will be in a supportive trine (read: positive energy) with the north node, a point in the sky associated with fate and destiny. Someone new might come into your life romantically, or you might cross paths with someone you’re destined to reconnect with, says Marquardt. However, at the tail end of Capricorn season, you’ll want to keep your wits about you in regards to negative interactions, he warns. A tense square between Venus and Neptune on January 19 could spark relational difficulties. “This is shady energy,” says Marquardt. “You want to take what people are doing or saying with a grain of salt at that point, and be really careful about mixing money with others, too.”

While January 20 is widely considered to be within Aquarius season, Gailing suggests that this date is also worth noting now as we prepare for the new year. On this day, there will be a conjunction between the sun and Pluto, also known as a Pluto cazimi. Because Pluto governs power, death, and rebirth, this aspect, says Gailing, offers a powerful moment to let things go, especially those things which have expired or clearly run their course.

“While the Pluto cazimi happens every year, I’m fascinated by this one because it occurs in the very last moments of Capricorn, 23 minutes before Capricorn season ends and Aquarius season begins, and about 12 hours before Pluto re-enters Aquarius [where it first entered in 2023],” explains Gailing. “There’s something about this moment that feels like it may reveal or bring to light a lot of the structural changes that we (and society) have been moving through for the last decade-plus [while Pluto has been in Capricorn],” she says, adding that while the days around January 20 may feel intense, the revelations could also lead to “a greater sense of confidence and empowerment.”

During this time, Gailing recommends reflecting on the things in your life that don’t align with your most deeply held beliefs. Consider what you need to release and let go of in order to feel more in tune with who you are. “It’s a time of digging deep, being honest, and owning our shadows,” she says.

Lunar transits

December 26 brings the full moon in the nurturing sign of Cancer, which invites us to be fully present in our home life—especially apt for the holiday season. This lunation arrives on the same day that the asteroid Chiron (which is associated with the wounds we carry from a past life) shifts direct, making it a powerful moment for healing and extending comfort toward ourselves and others, says Gailing.

“If you're celebrating [the holidays], there is a nice sense of belonging here—a cozy, feel-good vibe,” says Marquardt. “Even more than that, I think it's going to be reflective. It's really about remembering where you came from: Cancer rules the past and memories.”

Come January 11, a new moon arrives in Capricorn, enabling us to better envision our future successes and achievements, and revealing the steps we must take to see those accomplishments through to the finish line, says Gailing. “Keep an eye out for déjà vu moments, and consider how they may inform the path you’re on and the one you choose to walk upon.”

As this lunation arrives, you may have a better grasp on what's holding you back from your goals, too, and how you might need to invest your money, time, and energy differently to achieve them. “This new moon is about making a very big promise to yourself that you're going to do it right this time,” says Marquardt. “You might be doing something that you’ve tried before, but now, you're going to be more diligent with it.”

Understanding how Capricorn season 2023 will affect you, based on your birth chart

The sun’s visit to Capricorn will impact each of the 12 zodiac signs differently since Capricorn occupies a different area of the birth chart (aka astrological house) for each sign. To get an accurate peek into how Capricorn season will affect you, you'll want to read the below horoscopes for your rising sign—not just your sun sign. (Unsure of what your rising sign is? Use this free natal chart generator to find out.)

Your rising sign captures how you present yourself to the world, which is reflected as the first house of your chart; the zodiac signs will be ordered sequentially in your chart, meaning whatever sign falls in your first house will then determine the house over which Capricorn governs. Since each house is associated with a specific aspect of your life (career or family, for example), understanding where Capricorn falls in your birth chart can then shed more light on which area of your life will be affected the most during Capricorn season.

Below, you'll find intel from Marquardt and Gailing on what every zodiac sign can expect during Capricorn season 2023, plus advice for engaging with the sign's intense energy accordingly.

Capricorn season 2023: horoscopes for every zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Capricorn season is a time for you to put in work, Aries. Capricorn rules your 10th House, which is associated with career, reputation, and legacy. This season, Gailing suggests reflecting on your creative self and considering the ways you can expand that creativity to the realm of your work.

“Chiron, which is in Aries, ends its retrograde cycle on December 26, and around this time, you may find yourself with more understanding of how past experiences have helped you create personal narratives that keep you from fully fighting for what you want,” says Gailing. “This insight can be really healing.”

External events may push you to define yourself in very firm ways, says Marquardt. To grow will require you to fully embrace your own authenticity. “You gotta really know who you are as an Aries right now,” he says.


Now is prime time to get serious about setting new goals, Taurus. The sun in Capricorn illuminates your ninth house of philosophy, long-distance travel, and higher learning, which could encourage you to go back to school or take a trip, says Marquardt.

Finding your place in the world will also be at the forefront for you this season. “With expansive Jupiter in your sign shifting direct on December 30, you're better able to tap into a renewed sense of purpose and the energy to move forward with some of your life aims, big or small,” says Gailing.


It's time to focus on your connections with others and yourself, Gemini. Capricorn season activates your eighth house, which is associated with birth, death, and intimacy. You may find yourself contemplating the subconscious patterns you engage in that keep you from feeling fully aligned with your goals and values.

“This is a super interesting time for you because Gemini tends to be a very surface-level sign,” says Marquardt. “But now, Gemini [should be] looking more deeply at the long-term commitments they're making to themselves and to others.”

Luckily, your planetary ruler, Mercury, ends its retrograde phase on January 1, offering further clarity regarding your relationships. “You may find yourself more interested in breaking through intimacy blocks and finding ways to feel more vulnerable, seeing how it can open you up to a deeper and richer life,” says Gailing.


With the sun in Capricorn moving through your seventh house of partnerships, now is the moment for nurturing your relationships and alliances, Cancer. “It’s a time to further understand with whom you do and don't feel alignment, and in what ways you can bolster relationships,” says Gailing.

Reflect on the two-way street of your most treasured relationships. You tend to hold tightly onto your loved ones, but while this is well-intentioned, some people in your sphere may feel squandered by your white-knuckle embrace. Are you getting the affection and attention you need right now? Do your loved ones need some space?

“This time can be really excellent for relationship commitment and sustainable growth, but you’ll need to really figure out your relational patterns first,” says Marquardt.


Let your body talk this season, Leo. With the sun in Capricorn highlighting your sixth house of health and routines, this is a time to direct your focus toward your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. “Spending time organizing your daily rituals will not only feel rewarding, but will help you greet the new year with a streamlined system that will simplify your life,” says Gailing.

In particular, this is an opportunity to get rid of the small habits that may be keeping you from achieving your goals, says Marquardt. Rather than inundate yourself with lofty resolutions, take baby steps toward actionable change.“It’s all about the little things that we can do to fundamentally change our life through consistency,” says Marquardt. “Limit distractions, and be mindful of your obligations in your day-to-day life.”


Romantic, creative energy is in your corner this season, Virgo. Use this Capricorn season as an opportunity to tap into your inner child, let loose a little, and step outside of your detail-oriented comfort zone, as the sun shines in your fifth house of pleasure.

“These weeks offer you an amazing time to flex your creative muscles,” says Gailing. “See art, and make art. Be creative, and invite more play into your life.”

That might look like revisiting old hobbies and sources of passions, according to Marquardt. Think about the role that fun plays in your life right now, and whether you’ve been too preoccupied to engage in the simple things you find pleasurable. “I think it's really about the integration of spontaneity and structure,” says Marquardt. “Take play time more seriously!”


Family, ancestry, and reverence for your home will be top of mind for you during Capricorn season, Libra. This period offers you an opportunity to find your roots and rediscover what “home” is for you, as the sun highlights your fourth house of family.

“Consider who and what it is that makes you feel at home,” says Gailing. “Family time—whether with family of origin or choice—may seem more interesting and rewarding.”

This season will be a great period of rest and relaxation for you, too. “I see Libra at home, flipping through a photo album, looking at their childhood self, sharing memories with the people that have known them for a very, very long time,” says Marquardt.


School may be out of session for winter break, but Capricorn season will offer you plenty of new learning opportunities, Scorpio. Since Capricorn resides in your third house, which governs education, Gailing suggests taking advantage of the scholarly vibe. “Spend time reading, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, or doing any other activity that will lead to you feeling like you've learned something,” she says.

At the same time, the third house also rules over information and communication, meaning you could feel busier than usual and have more to say to others, says Marquardt. “Scorpio doesn't like to open up much, but now, you're learning how to translate your inner world into words and use that as a connection point with other people.”


On the heels of your birthday season, your attention will be turned toward money and financial stability, Sagittarius. Digging into the numbers behind your financial habits can feel scary, but according to Gailing, “focusing on this can be really effective and offer you more ease, notably if you’ve been avoiding the subject recently.”

Marquardt suggests “keeping an eye on your bank account, trying to invest your resources more wisely, and maybe even cutting back on certain small things in order to shift those resources into something bigger.” These actions will help maintain (or grow) your self-esteem surrounding finances as we enter 2024.

Something else to look forward to? “Just before New Year’s Eve, as your planetary ruler Jupiter goes direct on December 30, you may find yourself feeling more like yourself again, reconnected to a sense of buoyancy, enthusiasm, and positivity,” says Gailing. “Also, after Mercury goes direct in your sign on January 1, you'll gain new clarity regarding how you want to portray yourself to others.”


All eyes are on you, Capricorn. As the sun enters your sign on December 22, you may find yourself focused on your self-image and how you present yourself to the world. “This could involve anything from adopting a different attitude to changing up your sense of style,” says Gailing.

“There’s makeover energy here, and it's very appearance-focused,” says Marquardt. “You're super aware of the way that you come across, and you're working on improving that in some way.” A different side of you could become apparent to others, he adds.

According to Gailing, the past decade or so has likely been a time of deep transformation for you, as Pluto has transited your sign. Perhaps you’ve faced your fears or experienced profound personal growth. On January 20, says Gailing, as the Pluto cazimi arrives, you may access insights that help you see (and appreciate) just how much you’ve changed. This is a time to own your personal power and celebrate all of the hard work that’s led to this point.


British poet Warsan Shire once wrote, “My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.” For you, contrarian Aquarius, sweet solitude is going to be a major theme this season. As the sun moves into your 12th house, which governs dreams and intuition, now is the time to engage in self-reflection. “It’s a time to go inward and connect to something bigger than yourself,” says Gailing. “You'll be able to look to your ancestors for more support, understanding, and healing.”

Marquardt says that at its worst, this period of solitude may make you feel lonely or isolated. You might even feel cut off from the outside world at times. Still, Marquardt urges you to use this time positively and see it as an opportunity to confront the unsettling feelings from which you may have been running. “Ahead of Aquarius season, this is like the calm before the storm,” he says. “The calm might not feel great, and it might not feel peaceful. But it has to happen because a fundamental change is on the very near horizon for you.”


Friends and community will be at the forefront of Capricorn season for you, Pisces, as the sun moves through your 11th house of social networks. You haven’t exactly earned a reputation as the social butterfly of the zodiac, but this time of year, you may find yourself making more public appearances than usual, says Marquardt.

Part of this spike in social activity may stem from the organization and order that this 2023 Capricorn season ushers in. “Pisces rules the idea of softness, which can sometimes mean you're too loosey-goosey or unstructured to make and keep plans,” says Marquardt. “Saturn's coming in to provide structure now, which will help you create boundaries and stick to your schedule.”

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