The Common Pregnancy Side Effect That Led Cardi B to Cancel Part of Her Tour

Photo: Instagram/@iamcardib
Cardi B fans may have been understandably disappointed when the artist recently canceled the remainder of her tour, but with a baby on the way and pregnancy side effects in full-force, it was becoming impossible for her to keep up the high-energy performances for which she's beloved. Especially since one issue in particular is limiting her breathing abilities—you know, something that's pretty crucial when you're expertly singing verses onstage.

"You see, I can barely breathe right now," Cardi B said in the Instagram video above. And while shortness of breath is frustrating to deal with, it's actually a super-common side effect of pregnancy. And according to Harvard Medical School, there are a couple of reasons why: One is that the uterus expands, pushing it into the abdomen and squeezing the lungs; and the other is due to an increase of progesterone in the body, which can speed up breathing. While likely harmless medically, shortness of breath isn't the easiest side effect to deal with when your job involves spirited performances.

Luckily, Cardi B is due in July, so she won't have to deal with her breathing issues much longer (and hopefully, for all the die-hard fans out there, she'll hit return to the stage soon after). Until then, you'll just have to listen to"Bodak Yellow" on repeat and follow her on Instagram for other undoubtedly hilarious pregnancy updates.

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