This 20-Minute Cardio Rebounder Workout Is Super Bouncy and Fun

Cardio rebounder workouts are beloved by celebrity trainers and their famous clients for good reason. Jumping on a trampoline to the beat of your favorite song ups your heart rate, strengthens your muscles, and builds pelvic floor strength—and that's not even all of the benefits to look forward to. Just ask Colette Dong, founder of The Ness, a New York City-based studio that incorporates a mini trampoline into every workout.

"I love the trampoline because it's really low-impact, but it's not lacking in intensity. So it's really high adrenaline, it's very much still cardio, and it gets your entire lymphatic system draining and moving," she says. "When you go up your weight lifts, and when you go down you're three times your weight, so with every bounce you're pumping that lymphatic system."

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In the latest episode of Good Moves, Ness proved just how easy it is to get a cardio rebounder workout in right at home. All you need is your own mini trampoline and some high-energy exercise combos. While Dong loves the JumpSport brand ($250), you can get a high-quality option for as little as $160. (Extra bonus: It folds up, so you can easily stick it in a closet or slide it under your couch when you're done with it.) Then, once it arrives, you're ready to get to sweaty.

During the 20-minute cardio rebounder workout, you'll quickly find trampolining as an adult is a little (okay, a lot) more challenging than it is as a kid—especially when you're on a smaller piece of equipment. "As you can feel, the trampoline is a little unstable. That's good—that's what we want," says Dong. "That's what's going to work our core and stability." But unlike other challenging full-body workouts, this one is much easier on the body, as even the toughest exercises you do on it are low-impact. "It's absorbing all the shock from your movements every time you come down, which is another reason why I love it," she says. "You can do it at all ages, it's great for injuries, and—not to mention—it's super fun."

Throughout the workout, you warm up with some squat twists, testing your balance as you transfer your weight on the trampoline. Then as you get into the more cardio-heavy portion, you'll master your "bounce down"—your home base where you're "driving through the heels and using your low abs to pull your knees to your chest," Dong says. You can increase the intensity with some arm swings. From there, the workout only gets sweater with scissor jumps, jumping jacks, high knees, and other exercises that will leave you breathless. Luckily, you'll be having such a good time that you'll forget you're working out in the first place.

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