How to Give Yourself a Major Career Boost, According to Your Astrological Sign

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To get ahead at your job, you can read inspiring articles (cough, cough), hit the gym, or get a badass mentor. But you might also want to consult a more unexpected career counselor: an astrologer.

Yes, the zodiac can give you some pretty stellar insights into your life purpose and strengths. The first place to look is your sun sign—that's the one you flip to when checking your horoscope, which is based on the month and day you were born. According to Sandra Sitron, founder of Strong Eye Astrology, your sun sign gives you an indication of your innate gifts. "This describes your essence and how you shine out in the world," she says.

For more job-related insight, you can also find your midheaven at the very top of your birth chart—it's usually marked MC. (It signifies which part of the zodiac was at the highest point in the sky when you were born.) "The midheaven is the career area of the chart," says Sitron. Depending on what sign it falls in, the midheaven represents the area where you're likely to score your most public achievements and build a reputation for yourself.

Once you're equipped with your sun and midheaven signs, you can use the intel that follows to work it at the office like a #girlboss—hey, maybe there'll even be a raise in your future.

Keep reading to discover your most marketable talents and how to use them to slay on the job, according to astrologer Sandra Sitron.

Happiness tips for Aries

Aries: The trailblazer

Aries' success comes from tapping into her unapologetic individuality—as the first sign of the zodiac, she's not one to follow the crowd. She's also a natural leader who has no problem making tough decisions on a dime. Need someone to start a new project off with a bang, paving the way for others to follow? Aries is your girl.

Aries superpowers: Proactivity, productivity, risk-taking

Happiness tips for Taurus

Taurus: The dependable one

Taurus gals make amazing project managers. They've got a knack for laying out long-term plans and sticking to them, with a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race attitude and a cool head. Finance is a good field for Taurus, since she's great at making (and keeping) money, as is any job that requires her to create something simple, sustainable, and beautiful. (Eco-friendly interior design, perhaps?)

Taurus superpowers:  Integrity, patience, loyalty

Happiness tips for Gemini

Gemini: The curious one

Gemini's the PR girl of the zodiac—she loves to bring people together and find common ground among lots of different ideas. She's got a way with words and languages, and is always the one in meetings who's asking "Why?" To be successful, she's got to remain interested and engaged in whatever she's doing. Any job that doesn't pin her down to one task will keep her happy.

Gemini superpowers: Quick wit, versatility, sociability


Cancer: The intuitive

Cancer's gentle, nurturing spirit makes her ideally suited for working with kids or wrangling interns at the office. She looks at her job as an extension of her love for herself and her family. This is what motivates her to take care of business in the outside world—rather than a fat paycheck. To be truly happy in a job, Cancer must allow herself time each day to process her feelings, especially if her daily grind is intense.

Cancer superpowers: The ability to teach, manage, and multi-task


Leo: The creative genius

Confident Leo needs a job where she can take up space and be seen. She's super creative, and sharing her vision will ultimately lead to major success. She'd make an excellent performer or self-made social media star, since connecting with an audience is easy for her.

Leo superpowers: Bravery, open-heartedness, generosity

Happiness tips for Virgo

Virgo: The giver

It's easy to spot a Virgo in the office—she's the one with the impeccably tailored outfit and the perfectly organized desk. Yes, she's a stickler for little details, but through focusing on the minutia and staying grounded she's able to create big things and solve problems like a champ. She feels good when she's putting others first, although it sometimes comes at the expense of self-care.

Virgo superpowers: Practicality, helpfulness, refinement


Libra: The people person

With her easy-going spirit and a major dose of charm, Libra's at her best when working one-on-one with others—for her, relationships are everything. She's also big on creating balance, whether it's between people (as a diplomat or counselor), between objects (as a curator or designer), or between ideas (she'd make an awesome Supreme Court judge).

Libra superpowers: Tact, logic, discernment

Happiness tips for Scorpio

Scorpio: The sleuth

Scorpio isn't satisfied with anything at surface level—she likes to dig deep. Whether she's raking up dirt as an investigative reporter or getting patients to spill their guts as a psychiatrist, her ability to unearth the whole story (and any underlying motivations) is her key to thriving. And if she faces whatever she finds with compassion and understanding, that's what will really send her to the top of her game.

Scorpio superpowers: Intuition, determination, resourcefulness


Sagittarius: The shining star

Sag has the ability to see the big picture, which makes her a natural leader. Her enthusiasm for her work is contagious, and her disciples can't help but feel hopeful and inspired in her presence. She was made for the world stage—whether in business, philosophy, higher education, spirituality, or politics.

Sagittarius superpowers: Wisdom, presence, expansive thinking

Happiness tips of Capricorn

Capricorn: The ambitious one

Capricorn's blessed with a work ethic that won't quit, and she's got a knack for building empires. (Yep, that's her in the corner office at 9 p.m.) She's not shy about being a boss, and she's most effective when she's able to delegate to those around her. An expert planner, she's always got the next step in mind—so in order to stay interested on the task at hand, it needs to be meaningful to her.

Capricorn superpowers: Resilience, leadership abilities, dependability

Happiness tips for Aquarius

Aquarius: The innovator

Aquarius is happiest on the job when she's acting on one of the many brilliant ideas that flow through her on a regular basis. She's got a mind for tech and finds lots of satisfaction by helping the greater community move into the future. For her, getting ahead comes from working as part of a group and setting her ego to the side.

Aquarius superpowers: Insight, objectivity, vision

Happiness tips for Aries

Pisces: The lover

Pisces' innate sense of compassion makes her a born healer, and she leads with love in everything she does. If a work-related opportunity makes her heart grow bigger and gives her a greater belief in the world, she's gonna run with it—and burst through any boundaries in the process.

Pisces superpowers: Empathy, artistry, optimism

To learn more about yourself through the zodiac, check out your fitness horoscope—and how you should handle stress based on your astrological sign.

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