5 Pieces of Stellar Career Advice I Learned From a Cartoon Instagram Account

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When people say they're "building a career," they're only kind of speaking figuratively. Whether it's shimmying up the corporate ladder or paving an entrepreneurial path, the work that goes into chasing fulfillment can take a toll that's both physical (need. more. zzz's.) and emotional. And good career advice can be hard to come by.

Next time you find yourself shaking a fist while staring at your email inbox with venomous hatred, turn to the Instagram account @lizandmollie to help you realize that your work-life strife is totally relatable. Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy, the minds behind the account, so accurately describe the 9-to-5er rollercoaster it's scary. The cartoons' messages are concise, but oh man, are they funny.

As I was scrolling through the feed this morning, post after post made me think: "Same!" or "It me!" or "I feel seen." Below, I've selected five that taught me lessons I really needed to hear:

Liz and Mollie's most re-grammable pieces of career advice

Lesson 1: Feedback styles are kind of like personality types

Just as unlikely that all of your co-workers share simpatico Myers-Briggs personality types, preferred feedback styles will also vary by person. Me? I'm a fan of the Oreo or macaroon method. But some people (who ARE you?) prefer oatmeal raisin and that's okay, too.

Lesson 2: Set aside 10 minutes a day to answer outstanding emails

I'm guilty of leaving unanswered emails in my inbox for so long that they start to feel like digital grenades. Not today, though! Liz and Mollie have convinced me that my mental health will very much thank me if I answer the damn thing and move on with my life.

Lesson 3: Think of your work problems like a haunted house

I like this haunted house analogy for two reasons. First, what a cute illustration! And second, what all haunted houses have in common is that they are scariest in the moment before you go inside. Sure you have to deal with your "meddling co-workers" and "visibly sick colleague who won't go home," but these struggles will be temporary.


Lesson 4: Treat yourself like a bestie

Not just a piece of career advice, this one applies to life outside of the office. Let's all try to be better at forgiving ourselves.


Lesson 5: Fewer tabs, more productivity

I don't know about you, but I currently have 10 tabs open. That's nine more than I really need. My hope is that as I proudly X out of all the extraneous activity happening in by browser, I'll also close some mental tabs that just aren't serving me at this moment. Who's with me?

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