Jennifer Lawrence’s Favorite Beanie Is Only $20 on Amazon, and Has 95,000 5-Star Ratings

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With Old Man Winter knocking at our door, the time to update our winter wardrobe draws near. Chances are, that means dropping big bucks on new cold-weather essentials. Tried-and-true winter staples, like a premium down parka or a pair of sturdy, waterproof snow boots, cost a pretty penny, but are worth it in the long run. The one item you need this winter that won't drain your bank account but will make sure you feel toasty? This $17 beanie so warm, stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Kasey Musgraves rock it regularly.

Carhartt, Knit Cuffed Beanie — $20.00

This hat is celeb and editor-approved for comfort and joy all winter long.

Believe it or not, celebrities get cold, too. And when that happens, they bundle up in a Carhartt Cuffed Knit Beanie ($20), which is just under $20 and highly rated on Amazon. Recently, Lawrence was spotted wearing the grey hat on a walk through New York City, while Bachelor-star Lauren Bushnell snapped a photo of herself posing in a black version earlier this year. Other celebs, like Musgraves, Kourtney Kardashian, and Rihanna, have also been seen wearing the hat, dressing it up or down depending on the occasion.

Reasons why it's gotten A-lister approval? I can only speculate, but as the proud owner of a Carhartt beanie myself, my guess is two-headed. First, it's versatile. Look on Amazon and you'll find the beanie in over 40 different colors, ranging from tried-and-true classics like camel and cream, to bright and bold neons, like lime green and lavender. Depending on your taste, there's literally a hat for everyone.

The second, more practical reason for spending the $20 bucks is that it's warm. Really, really warm. Carhartt has been making workwear and outdoor apparel for more than 130 years—they know what they're doing. Price aside, this hat is the real-deal, guaranteed to keep your head and ears cozy and snug when the temperature drops. Whether you need a casual hat for commuting during the winter months or live in an area where the thermometer regularly reads below freezing, this balmy beanie has got you covered.

That's why it's been reviewed more than 110,000 times on Amazon by very happy customers. One reviewer calls it a "bald man's best friend," even in single digit temperatures that frequent the East Coast. "Best money spent in a good while. Feels soft against my skin... would buy again."

Another considers this the "best of the best, for sure": "Being an outdoor person here in New Hampshire year round. I need the best in outdoor wear... Decided to take a chance with [a] Carhartt beanie. What a pleasant surprise, just WOW...................Fit is perfect."

Trust me (and Jennifer Lawrence, and Kasey Musgraves, and 100,000 other happy Amazon customer)—this beanie is a winter wardrobe must-have. At just $20, it's affordable enough to stock up on 2-3 pairs for you to mix and match over the winter. No matter what color or style you get, it's sure to leave you with A-list approved comfort and joy.


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