Cariuma Is the Sustainable Footwear Brand To Shop This Earth Day and Beyond

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April 22nd is Earth Day, and here at Well+Good, we’re focusing on taking care of our planet and the small changes and choices we can make to protect it, especially when shopping for shoes. According to Waste 360 and Witchita State University, in the US, people throw away over 300 million pairs of shoes, 95 percent of which end up in landfills, where decomposing can take hundreds—yes, hundreds—of years. But it doesn’t have to be that way. So, it’s essential to know where your shoes are coming from and choose to invest in high-quality, durable pairs like those from Cariuma.

Since 2018, Cariuma has been at the forefront of ethically and sustainably handmade, casual, comfortable sneakers. It has pioneered in the category by putting forth green initiatives from everything from design to shipping and handling. For example, the B-Corp-certified brand prides itself on using novel and natural materials like bamboo, sugarcane, organic cotton, and recycled plastics that are easy to clean or repair and yield a smaller footprint, working exclusively with vendors that share the same sustainability mission, giving back through the Brazil-based reforestation program that plants a tree for every pair of sneakers sold and providing safe and healthy working conditions for corporate employees and factory partners.

Cariuma knows that quality and comfort are just as important as sustainability, so each collection is thoughtfully designed with a protective toe cap that absorbs shocks and impacts on the ball of the foot, a soft memory foam insole that provides softness and a slight arch, and a fully-stitched outsole and a natural perfectly weighted rubber outsole, which both ensure maximum durability. Ultimately, customers are left with lightweight, cushioned, and long-lasting sneakers with a perfect already broken-in fit.

So, if you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes and need a yearly reminder to choose a brand with sustainable values, Cariuma is for you. Keep scrolling to shop the label’s latest and best-selling classic sneakers for Earth Day and beyond.

Shop Cariuma Sneakers

Cariuma Uba Pro
Cariuma, Uba Pro — $129.00

Available sizes: 5-13 (with half sizes available)

At the beginning of the month, Cariuma introduced the Uba Pro sneakers, and to no surprise, the launch generated a lot of buzz among Cariuma fans and sneakerheads. The silhouette fuses the designs of ‘90s-style skateboarding and basketball kicks while staying true to Cariuma’s DNA. It features top-quality suede from Leather Working Group Gold-rated suppliers, recycled fabric, and sustainably sourced sugarcane and natural rubber. Beyond sustainability, the Uba Pro has breathable mesh panels to keep the inside of the shoe cool when things get hot in the summertime. Plus, it’s a cupsole shoe, providing extra protection and support to the heel, toe, and arches in case you’re practicing your basic ollies or kick turns.

Materials: LWG-certified Gold Rated tannery-sourced premium suede, recycled fabric

Colors: 3

Cariuma Oca Low
Cariuma, Oca Low — $85.00

Available sizes: 5 to 13 (with half sizes available)

There’s a reason the OCA Low is Cariuma’s best-selling sneaker. The completely vegan, timeless silhouette is made with organic cotton canvas, which delivers immense breathability, a natural rubber outsole that ensures durability, and a cork insole for maximum comfort. Without a doubt, these will become a go-to staple in your closet. They’re versatile since they’re great for strolling around the neighborhood and wearing for most occasions, as you can dress them up or down. Best part? No break-in period is needed.

Colors: 24

Materials: Organic cotton canvas

Cariuma Salvas
Cariuma, Salvas — $129.00

Available sizes: 5-13 (with half sizes available)

The Salvas silhouette is another top-selling design from Cariuma; however, what makes it different from the OCA Low is that it’s made with low-impact leather from LWG Gold-Rate tanneries that is easy to clean. It has a taller upper construction and an embossed logo for a more fashion-forward design. Shoppers return to these for their signature memory foam insoles that mold well to all foot types. You can choose between the all-white design or one of the white pairs with a pop of color to add some pizzazz to your uniform.

Materials: Premium leather sourced from LWG-certified Gold Rated tanneries

Colors: 5

Cariuma Slip-On
Cariuma, Slip-On — $95.00

Available sizes: 5-13 (with half sizes available)

Summer is approaching, and now is the time to ensure you have a pair of canvas sneakers in your wardrobe. Why? Canvas is one of the most breathable materials, meaning you won’t have to worry about the sun making your feet sweat. Aside from the material, these sneakers have an easy-to-slip on-and-off design, cushioned ankle to provide extra padding and prevent rubbing, a protective toe cap, practical for those who do tricks on their skateboard, and the signature slip-resistant sole for ultimate traction on any surface. The good news is that if you already own canvas sneakers, the slip-on design also comes in leather, recycled fabric, and a mix of suede and canvas iterations.

Materials: Organic cotton canvas

Colors: 6

Cariuma Catiba Pro
Cariuma, Catiba Pro Low — $89.00

Available sizes: 5-13 (with half sizes available)

The Catiba Pro Low is the ultimate skate shoe, designed with the best grip possible. It consists of a sticky herringbone outsole so the shoes can grip the board and stabilize your body and a chunky embossed logo for side traction. But that’s not all—you can find an insole that mimics the form of the foot with its signature memory foam that provides arch support and a roomy toe box that allows the toes to spread out, promoting better balance and stability. Even if you’re not a skateboarder or looking to be one, these kicks are a great lifestyle option for exploring a new city on foot.

Materials: LWG-certified Gold Rated tannery-sourced suede, organic cotton canvas

Colors: 6

Cariuma Vallely
Cariuma, Vallely — $89.00

Available sizes: 5-13 (with half sizes available)

Pro skater Mike Vallely worked with Cariuma to develop his namesake skate shoe, the Vallely Pro. This skate shoe is influenced by Vallely’s career with its contrasting materials and rubber protective overlay, which was seen in the shoes Vallely wore in the ‘80s. They feature a thin outsole so the foot makes excellent contact with the board or any surface, a cushioned insole to make any situation you’re in comfortable, and a snug fit from the thick padding around the ankle and deep heel cup that hugs the whole back of the foot, keeping it secure while absorbing shock and reducing heel pressure.

Materials: Vegan suede, recycled fabric

Colors: 5


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