Pete Davidson and Helen Mirren’s Favorite Shoe Brand Makes the Perfect, Everyday Slip-On Sneaker—And It’s Finally Back in Stock

Photo: Cariuma
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Pete Davidson gets it. So does Helen Mirren and Jon Hamm, and so do we. We rarely put ourselves in the same boat as those celebrities, but we’re all on the same page about one thing: the fuss over Cariuma’s beloved sneakers. The celeb-favorite (Whitney Port, Nina Agdal, and Chris Martin are fans of the brand too) brand creates versatile, sustainably-made sneakers that not only look cool, but are friendly to the earth too. Win/win.

If you’re treating yourself to a new pair of kicks for fall—perhaps to indulge in nostalgic back-to-school vibes, even if you’re long past graduation—this is the pair: Cariuma’s IBI Slip-On Sneaker ($98). Meet the laceless cousin to Cariuma’s fan favorite IBI low-top sneaker—and while both deserve a spot on your shoe rack, we’re all about the ease of the slip-ons. After being sold out for weeks, the slip-ons are finally back in stock (but probably not for long).

cariuma slip ons
Cariuma IBI Slip-On — $98.00

The IBI comes in 12 different colorways and patterns.

They’re created out of the same soft, breathable knit Cariuma is known for, so they’re lightweight enough to wear on summer’s last sweltering nights and provide enough coverage to keep your feet warm when fall’s chill sets in. That makes them the perfect summer-to-fall transition shoe, whether you’re enjoying an afternoon poolside or sipping on a PSL while leaf peeping.

My honest thoughts about the IBI slip-on shoe

For my first pair of Cariumas, I selected the simple white slip-ons to replace my so-not-white-anymore sneakers that deserved to retire. Immediately I was impressed by how the IBIs seemed to mold to my exact foot shape on the first wear. The memory foam cork insole is probably partially to thank for that, and so is the innovative knit design.

Innovation is part of Cariuma’s ethos. The IBI Slips-Ons are proudly the lowest carbon footprint sneakers ever made, so Mother Nature loves these shoes just as much as we do. They’re made out of sustainably-sourced bamboo and recycled plastics, and produce three times fewer emissions than the industry average-per-pair. Plus, like all Cariuma shoes, for each pair you buy, two trees will be planted in the Brazilian rainforest. I also appreciated that they arrived on my doorstep (with free express shipping!) in the shoe box itself with minimal, all recyclable packaging—not a box within a box stuffed with extraneous materials that I’ll feel guilty about for days.

The IBI Slips-Ons are available in both men and women’s sizing, from size 5 to 13, including half sizes. Though I picked the white pair, I also have my eye on the red knit and the playful leopard print pairs too, and chances are they will be new members of my shoe collection sooner rather than later. Their versatility makes them a must, since they’re a breeze to throw on with any outfit. Leggings and a sweatshirt? Yep. A linen dress? Also yes. At the airport, where you can easily slip them on and off in security? Definitely.

While I’m always thrilled with a new pair of shoes, the break-in period can be a drag. If you’re prone to blisters, like I am—my poor feet are littered with scars from breaking in new shoes—opt to wear socks with them the first couple wears. While the IBIs fit me true-to-size, hugging my feet just so, they still rubbed a bit in the heels. (I hobble through a transition period with almost every pair of new shoes though.) If your feet aren’t as sensitive to new shoes, you can probably nix the socks.

While scuffs, dirt, and some questionable smells are inevitable with sneakers—and especially white sneakers—the IBIs are machine washable, so there’s no need to be precious with them. Before throwing them in the wash, just remember to remove the insoles and use a cold water setting. Then they’ll be good as new with just one cycle.

Good luck narrowing down which pair of these supportive, everyday sneakers to choose. With a variety of standout colors, classic neutrals, and bold patterns, you might have to add more than one pair to your cart, whether for yourself or as a sure-fire successful gift. (I can picture my mom loving the blush-colored pair, and my goddaughter, who’s in third grade, rocking the polka dot slip-ons.) Cariuma sneakers are notorious for selling out, so if your size and preferred color is available, don’t dilly dally nabbing a pair.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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