The Under-$100 Viral Sneaker Celebrities Love Now Comes in a ‘Splashy’ Print That’s Helping Save the Ocean

Photo: Cariuma
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Cariuma's newest sneakers are its splashiest ones yet. In honor of World Oceans Day (June 8), the sustainable footwear brand adored by A-listers like Helen Mirren and Pete Davidson has stepped out to make some major waves in reef restoration with the marine nonprofit Coral Vita. To do so, they’ve given their viral OCA Low sneakers a really cute ocean-inspired makeover. For every pair of the Oca Low Ocean Waves Sneakers ($89) sold, Cariuma pledges to restore 10cm² of coral reef using Coral Vita's farming techniques in hopes of revitalizing an ecosystem that's incredibly significant to the health of our water, marine life, and planet. 

As a sustainable fashion brand, Cariuma doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk (literally) with shoes designed with our planet in mind. This means using ethically sourced, organic materials and vegan fabrics that are lighter on both our feet and Mother Earth. Restoring the Earth’s oceans—which holds over 95 percent of the planet’s water—is an integral part of that mission. The best part (aside from, you know, saving the planet)? The limited-edition OCA Low sneakers cost under $100. 

Cariuma OCA Low Sneakers
Cariuma OCA Low Ocean Waves Sneakers
Cariuma, OCA Low Ocean Waves Sneakers - Navy — $89.00

Available sizes: women’s 5-13; men’s 5-13



True to the brand's eco-friendly ethos, the OCA Low Ocean Waves sneakers are 100-percent vegan. Constructed from organic cotton canvas with natural rubber and recycled laces, these low-top sneakers are lightweight yet incredibly durable for everyday wear. Featuring an colorful ocean waves print in two colors—a deep indigo blue and a gorgeous teal—these sneakers represent some of the most stunning parts of our planet. We love them because they’re comfy (just like Cariuma’s original OCA Low shoes), stylish, and the perfect casual option for wearing everyday. Plus, the waves pattern gives them nice depth and dimension for a subtle yet statement-making design you can wear with jeans, leggings, dresses—really anything.

In addition to being made from vegan materials, these sneakers feature raw, ethically tapped rubber extracted without causing harm to the Brazilian Rainforest’s trees, which the brand also actively advocates for; for every pair of Cariuma shoes (limited-edition or otherwise), the brand will plant two trees through its reforestation program. So basically you're pulling double-duty and protecting not one, but two, vital ecosystems that keep our planet healthy and happy.

Above all else, the OCA Low Ocean Waves sneakers are comfortable. The cotton canvas is breathable and airy, perfect for the sweltering summer days due to come our way later in the season. The outsoles are made from that natural rubber, which is totally slip-resistant, while the insoles—a blend of mamona oil and cork—actually mold to your foot's unique shape, giving you a one-of-a-kind feel the more you wear. All of their products are made with durability in mind, promoting longer-lasting shoes so you can shop and waste less.

Make a splash this summer—literally—with the Cariuma OCA Low Ocean Waves sneakers, available for a limited-time only. You, your feet, and the oceans will thank you.

Cariuma, OCA Low Ocean Waves - Turqoise — $89.00

Available sizes: women’s 5-13; men’s 5-13

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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