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Found: The Everyday Sneaker That Requires No Break-In Period (It’s Also Sustainable)

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I may not be a certified sneakerhead, but I know a good sneaker when I see one. Living in New York City and using the subway as my main mode of transportation has really motivated me to do my research and find shoes that are stylish, easy to wear with my wardrobe (for context: I mix and match a lot of crop tops and high-waisted jeans), provide comfort and support when I'm walking all over the city, are built to last, and require no break-in time. That's a lot to ask of a shoe! Which is why I recommend Cariuma shoes to just about everyone I know. There's a reason why celebs (everyone from Pete Davidson to Helen Mirren) love them, and also probably why you're seeing them everywhere (thanks, Instagram ads)—and we're here to confirm the hype is very much deserved.

What to know about Cariuma

For those unfamiliar with the buzzy shoe brand, the sneaker company puts sustainability and quality first—without the absurd price tag. It uses ethically-sourced, raw materials like bamboo, organic cotton, sugarcane and mamona oil to create its lineup of comfy sneaks.  There are several different styles to choose from for both women and men: OCA Low, OCA High, Salvas, Slip-On Skate Pro, Catiba Pro, Catiba Pro High, The Valleley, IBI, IBI Slip-On, IBI High, and collaborations. Below, we've reviewed several of the various styles (spoiler alert: You can't go wrong with style or comfort).

We tried Cariuma shoes: These are our honest thoughts


OCA Low Off-White Canvas sneakers — $79.00

The first thing I noticed about the shoes was how lightweight they were, which is thanks to the soft canvas and cotton materials. As I walked, they helped propel me forward rather than dragging my feet down—something I appreciated as I passed block #5 on the way to the grocery store. They also have a narrow silhouette so you don’t have to worry about your feet looking too bulky. Plus, the low-top design is great for pairing with a skirt, dress or whatever street style look you might be going for (they also look good with pants—so what I’m saying is, they look good with everything).

The real selling point was how and if they held up during my adventures exploring my neighborhood in New York City. Spoiler alert: They did! I was able to wear them for more than eight hours without discomfort. That’s partly because of the vegan insoles made of organic mamona oil and cork, which are cushioned with memory foam to provide arch support. The shoes have a snug fit but still give your feet room to breathe. The OCA Low also comes in various colors (the Well+Good team collectively loves the Camel Suede, which is a nice fall shade that pairs with everything).

Catiba Pro

White Premium Leather Catiba Pro — $139.00

Cariuma offers a wide variety of sneakers, too: Well+Good’s Sr. Commerce Editor tested the White Premium Leather Catiba Pros for several weeks, wearing them on four-mile walks and jogs with her dogs, and outings on the weekend. These particular shoes feature the Cariuma signature logo on the side, differentiating them a bit more from your standard white sneaker. Her takeaway? This shoe took no break-in time (similar to the OCA Low), were roomy (even with thick socks), and gave her the perfect amount of support she needed on a day-to-day basis. Plus, they looked cute with her outfits (a steady mix between leggings and floral maxi dresses on weekends, because Los Angeles).

Caturi Winter Boot

Caturi Black Suede Winter Boots — $169.00

While we wrote about the Caturi Winter Boots in detail here, here’s the quick download: The Caturi sneaker boots are weather and water-repellent and lined with vegan shearling to keep your feet nice and toasty. Unlike traditional, bulky boots, these give you a lot more flexibility and movement—while still keeping you warm in the snow. If you prefer the OCA style, you can get the winter version, too.



Salvas White LWG Leather — $98.00

The latest launch from Cariuma is the Salvas sneaker, which is all white and comes with four different logo colorways. Like the rest of their styles, this sneaker doesn’t need to be broken in, and is supremely comfortable all day long. Crafted from premium leather, recycled mesh lining, and a breathable cork insole, these have quickly become our W+G editors’ go-to, everyday sneaker. The sole is 100 percent slip-resistant, so if you find yourself on frictionless surfaces, you’ll have grip. Similar to Stan Smiths, these kicks are a classic (but more comfortable, in our option).


Slip-on Skate Pro

Cariuma skate slip on
Slip-on Skate Pro — $85.00

If you don’t want to bother with tying and retying laces, and instead want some easy kicks to just slide on and off, these slip-ons are the answer. These slip-ons have that laid-back skater style, and pair well with any casual outfit, whether you’re hitting the skate park or brunch with friends. The shoes have a suede and canvas upper with a rip-resistant toe area, and a grippy, natural rubber sole to keep you grounded.

IBI High

Cariuma IBI High
IBI High — $129.00

These high-tops are not only timeless and comfy but they’re also super earth-friendly too. The knit material is made from self-generating bamboo and recycle plastics and hug your feet just so. Plus, the laces are made from recycled plastics, and the outsole is made from green EVA from sugarcane, so your shoes have a minimal environmental footprint (no matter what size you wear). The shoes are also lightweight and have a water-repellant coating, so you’ll have a spring in your step all year round.


If you're looking for a high-quality sneaker that you can wear every day (and with multiple outfits) that's easy on your feet, these shoes are a safe bet. The only downside is that these shoes sell fast. If you find a style you like that's out of stock, get yourself on a waitlist, stat. They're totally worth it.

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