Celebs Can’t Stop Wearing These Sneakers—And They Now Come in a Slip-On Style You’ll Want To Wear All Summer

Photo: Cariuma
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If you’re familiar with Cariuma, the sustainable footwear brand that’s beloved by W+G editors and celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Robert Downey Jr. and Helen Mirren, then you know that nearly every shoe the Brazilian brand makes is an instant hit. Why? Because in addition to planting two trees for every pair sold, Cariuma sneakers are incredibly well-made, comfortable and stylish. Every shoe it releases is somehow more versatile than the last—transcending the trend cycle (which seems to run at hyper-speed these days) and bringing an indelible cool and casual look to any outfit. And Cariuma’s latest release, The Slip-On ($79) is no exception…Which is why we fell in love with them immediately.

cariuma slip-on shoe in black on a grey background
Cariuma, The Slip-On — $79.00

Available sizes: 5-13 (in half sizes)

A stylish slip-on sneaker, that’s infinitely more comfortable and sustainable? I’ll take one in every color.

Colors: 5

Inspired by laid-back California style, the Slip-On has a timeless, skater-inspired design that recalls the look of your classic, everyday slip-on—but don’t be fooled, this is far from your average slip-on sneaker. First, Cariuma’s Slip-On is completely vegan. They’re made with a natural rubber sole derived from the milky sap of Pará rubber trees, which are ethically tapped to better preserve the Brazil-native species.

For durability you can feel, the slip-resistant sole is fully stitched to the shoe’s organic cotton upper, which means they can withstand unapologetic daily wear (and you will want to wear them every day, believe me). Then, of course, there’s the fact that the Slip-Ons are insanely comfortable—like walk all day at a music festival-comfortable—thanks to the brand’s signature mamona oil-based memory foam insole that keeps feet supported all day long. Cushion collars around the ankle offer additional support and softness. And unlike the old slip-ons I wore throughout high school, Cariuma’s upgraded version actually does slip on and off with ease, saving me time so I can get going in a pinch.

cariuma slip on
Photo: Alexa Morales

Even better than the Slip-Ons' comfortable feel and skater aesthetic, is the eco-friendly ethos that makes Cariuma so great. Every single step of the brand’s production process considers sustainability first—from the way it sources materials to the strict environmental and ethical standards by which it holds suppliers accountable. And unlike green-washed brands that coast on the bare-minimum, Cariuma walks the walk. Its initiative to plant two trees for every pair of sneakers sold is operated by the brand’s own team.

The goal? To help reforest the Brazilian rainforest, specifically, the Atlantic Forest Biome where sadly only 11 percent of its original covering remains intact. More trees means more biodiversity, it also means preserving the forest that indigenous communities call home. Cariuma’s committed to working alongside indigenous peoples to reforest the biome and improve their quality of life by doing so. And what’s more admirable than that?

I don’t know about you, but between the nostalgic skater look and planet-first ethos, I’m tempted to fill my closet with Cariuma sneakers. If you’re on a similar wavelength, you won’t regret adding the brand’s new Slip-On to your collection. Wear them with dresses, rompers, or jeans and tee, the styling potential knows no bounds.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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