This Brazilian Supermodel’s 4-Ingredient DIY Face Mask Will Give You an Otherworldly Glow

Photo: Getty Images/Melodie Jeng
You'd think that with a supermodel's access to goods, their beauty routines would be jam-packed with only the most exclusive skin-care and makeup products that give them their striking, runway-ready complexions. You'd be surprised, though. Adriana Lima, for one, swears by using real avocados as a hair mask to keep her tresses enviably shiny. Then there's Miranda Kerr, whose facialist slathers on a watermelon-potato face mask to clear her skin.

So it shouldn't be that big of a shock that Brazilian supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel Caroline Trentini swears by a face mask that she concocts in her kitchen, as she reveals to Vogue. To get her skin "ready to drink," as she says, she mixes 4 key ingredients: unsweetened acai, avocado, mashed-up strawberries, and honey. ("When you do your groceries, just buy a little extra for your beauty routine," she says.)

“Brazilians love to have a tan, but after the sun, your skin is tired, and you want to have a glow," says Trentini as she blends the superfoods together into a bowl. "So this [face mask] is going to help a lot.” The model then wipes the mixture—which comes out brown—onto her face (and neck!) and leaves it on for five minutes as she does her hair (and dances the samba).

She's onto something—the acai and strawberries are rich in antioxidants (which combat free radicals), avocado's a natural fat which aids your skin's lipid barrier for a healthy glow, and honey's an antibacterial ingredient which can help with acne.

"I never really found anything that did the same as this mask," Trentini admits. "And it's so easy to make." Who needs a skin-care and makeup team when you've got a pantry?

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