Exclusive: Pure Barre Creator Carrie Dorr Launches New Digital Fitness Platform

Photo: Carrie Dorr Method
File under big freaking news: Carrie Dorr, the founder of the ballet-inspired studio franchise, Pure Barre, is the latest buzzy name in fitness to join the digital space race. The former pro dancer is announcing exclusively to Well+Good that she's launched a new online streaming platform called Carrie Dorr Method, having parted ways with Pure Barre late last year.

CDM is based on her personal fitness routine, which she's been doing for years. “I’ve worked out at home my whole life because that’s how I’ve created workout programs," Dorr says. "When I was creating programs for Pure Barre, it was because I was working myself out at home and product testing on myself."

"I’ve worked out at home my whole life because that’s how I’ve created workout programs."

The platform will offer full-body streaming sweat sessions that require little or no equipment. Each one's shot in Dorr's own home studio—almost exactly how she exercises IRL—and incorporates cardio, strength training, and flexibility moves. “It’s designed so you get everything you need in 40 minutes," she explains.

A monthly subscription costs $40 or an annual one is $399, and Dorr says she plans to add new video content to the site every week. She also stresses that this new concept is a different workout than the one she created for Pure Barre. “The range of motion is larger and the movements are more dynamic," she says, adding that it can complement (rather than replace) an existing barre routine. So, no need to ditch your sticky socks. Phew!

Scroll down for an exclusive Carrie Dorr Method workout, created just for Well+Good.

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