The Protein Bar Carrie Underwood Always Packs in Her Bag

Photo: Instagram/@caliabycarrie

When you're a busy singer, clothing designer, and mom like Carrie Underwood, it's practically a job requirement to stay energized and healthy. So what's one thing the superstar swears by to power through her days? Avoiding hanger with healthy snacks.

As a self-described "snack queen," the American Idol winner keeps them "in all my bags, all the time, no matter what," she says. For Underwood, being prepared is about maintaining not just her stamina, but also her focus. "Because when I’m hungry, I’m hungry now and I can just feel my blood sugar dropping. I get cranky, and I can’t think," she says.

"Because when I’m hungry, I’m hungry now."

Underwood follows a plant-based diet, and she knows that protein is important for recovering from tough workouts and staying energized. That's why she says she won't go anywhere without her favorite protein bars, which happen to be Vega —even her husband, Mike Fisher, is a fan. "They have chocolate and caramel and chocolate peanut butter. They're so good." She also likes vegan-friendly No Cow ("It has a lot of fiber," she notes) and Luna bars.

And on the rare occasion she's caught sans snacks, she tries to work out where she can find a quick, nutritious meal along her regular route. "It helps to know places near where you work," she advises "There’s a Panera near where I write, and they have soup I can get. It's just planning ahead a little bit." Wonder if she knows about the chain's secret healthy-menu hacks?

Underwood's not the only celeb who's a big fan of healthy snacks. Here are 6 favorites Khloe Kardashian reaches for on the reg—plus, the vegan, between-meal foods that fuel Tom Brady.

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