The 3-Ingredient Beet Juice Shot Carrie Underwood’s Trainer Takes to Amp up Her Workouts

Photo: Unsplash/Alex Loup
In the past, research has shown sipping on beet juice pre-workout could be a way to give your athletic performance a boost. And one person who believes in the power of the root veggie wholeheartedly is Carrie Underwood's all-star trainer Erin Oprea, who takes the bright pink superfood shot on the daily.

Oprea recently shared shared her beet juice-making routine on Instagram, and it turns out her fitness-fueling concoction only requires three body-boosting ingredients: beets, ginger, and lemon. She takes two three-ounce shots every day—once in the morning and once late afternoon, never on an empty stomach—and ever since she started, she's seen major improvements in her athletic abilities.

"I take it mostly for my stamina," she wrote. "It dropped my run time 2 to 3 minutes in two weeks and dropped my resting heart rate 10 digits. It opens your blood vessels and allows more oxygen in, which kills cancer cells and keeps you from getting as winded."

"I take it mostly for my stamina. It dropped my run time 2 to 3 minutes in two weeks and dropped my resting heart rate 10 digits." —Erin Oprea

While a plain shot might be a little hard to get down unless you have a serious love of beets, adding in the lemon and ginger gives it a little more flavor—in fact, both Oprea and her kids think it tastes slightly like lemonade. If you don't have time to whip out your juicer every morning, that isn't a problem either: You can prep them in advance. In the past, the trainer shared she typically makes them for the entire week using "6 decent-sized beets, 2 lemons, and a little fresh ginger"—that way every morning doesn't result in a messy kitchen.

Who knows—with these impressive trainer-backed results from sipping beet juice, starting your day with the veggie might just become your new favorite thing.

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