Carrie Underwood’s Fun, Easy Fitness Card Game Takes the Effort Out of Planning a Workout

Photo: Instagram/@caliabycarrie
Self-led at-home workouts are difficult to master, which is likely part of the reason digitally streamed classes and boutique studio sessions are so popular these days. After all, classes let workout warriors turn off their brain in favor of an esteemed trainer taking the fitness-intel wheel. But, when a class isn't on the docket for any number of reasons (financial strain, scheduling issues, or even tech difficulties), what's a gal to do in order to release some endorphins and gain some strength? According to Carrie Underwood, all you need in order to plan a simple self-led workout is a pack of playing cards.

Assign an exercise to each card suit, then flip over a card: The suit determines the move, and the number determines the reps.

The singer and founder of Calia by Carrie told Self that to "play" the fitness card game, she assigns an exercise to each suit. Then she flips over a card—the suit determines the move, and the number determines the reps. For example, if she pulls an eight of hearts, and she had assigned push-ups to that suit, she'll do eight push-ups. Though her specific exercises of choice change, she tries to include an upper-body move, a lower-body move, abs work, and cardio into her seshes.

Underwood adds that dice work just as well if you don't have a deck of cards available for the healthy gambling game. In this edition, assign a move to each number and then do 15 reps of whatever you roll.

Not only does this keep workouts engaging, but it also saves you the time and energy required to pre-plan one. So the next time you're overwhelmed by the seemingly endless choices of workouts available, stay home and DIY from your home gym! As Underwood has said before, cut yourself some slack, and keep it simple.

As for your refreshments, here's the protein bar Underwood always keeps in her bag and the smoothie she swears by to supercharge her workouts.

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