Here’s the Wake-up (Booty) Call Your Glutes Need After a Long Weekend

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After a much-deserved three-day weekend full of relaxing, grill-outs, and coconut cucumber cocktails, you probably feel more than ready to get back into your daily sweat sesh. And don't worry: Carrie Underwood's all-star trainer is here to help with a four-move workout that will give you a nice dose of endorphins and fire up those glutes.

Erin Oprea—who's been working with Underwood for years—posted a routine you can do at home to majorly work that booty and, well, your entire body by the time you're finished. "I know so many of us splurged and didn’t train properly this holiday weekend, so I'm going to help you get back on track," she wrote on Instagram. When you're ready to sweat, turn up the music and get to work with these easy-to-follow exercises.

These four moves will help you get back on track post-LDW.

Who wants to do our living room BOOTY, CORE, and CHEST workout?! Put some good Nelly on @pandora and do this fun session! .20 table slides .20 fire hydrant little circles (keep your knee up high and don’t let it drop. Then switch legs and repeat! .20 push-ups on knees or toes .1 min plank Repeat this burner 5xs and make some PRETTY MUSCLES????, these are not just girl moves so tag somebody who would play with you or might want to do the LIVE training with you! . I know so many of us splurged and didn’t train properly??‍♀️this holiday weekend so I’m going to help you get back on track Tomorrow????! Tomorrow night is my LIVE Virtual Training Class at 6pm CST. I want to help as many people as possible learn to enjoy exercise as much as I do! It’s a 45 min workout party in your own living room making PRETTY LEGS, and I will be correcting your form, followed by a 15 min Q&A!!!! So hurry and sign up! Go here for all info, let’s go! . . #nashville #personaltrainer #booty #fit #fitness #homeworkout #healthylifestyle #staythepath #legs #4x4diet #OPREAfit

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1. Table slides

How many: 20 on each side.

2. Fire hydrant circles

How many: 20 small circles on each side; be sure to "keep your knee up high and don’t let it drop," says Oprea.

3. Push-ups

How many: 20 either on your knees or on your toes.

4. Plank

How long: one minute.

After repeating the routine five times, Oprea says you'll be good to go. Just be warned: You'll probably be sore tomorrow, but hey—totally worth it. There's nothing a little foam-rolling can't fix, right?

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