I’m a Notoriously Hot Sleeper, but This Cooling ‘Snow’ Mattress Was Love (and Relief) at First Snooze

Photo: Stocksy/ Olga Sibirskaya
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If you’re anything like me, shelling out a full paycheck to buy a new mattress typically resides at the bottom of my to-do list. Case in point: While bouncing around from apartment to apartment during my early 20s in New York City, a cheap, certain Swedish branded mattress was more than enough for me to get some quality shut-eye. Frankly, as a broke college kid, even a worn-out sofa would do.

Fast forward a decade later, and I’m blowing out my 30th birthday candles—when out of nowhere, I’m gifted with unexplained shoulder, neck, and back pains that make sleeping on the sunken $200 mattress I purchased a few years ago nearly impossible. Obviously, it was time for a much-needed upgrade and a healthy dose of #adulting. Fortunately, as fate would have it, I got the opportunity to test the latest-and-greatest in cooling mattresses: Casper's new Snow Mattress ($1,995)

casper snow mattress room view
Photo: Casper
Casper, Snow Mattress (Full) — $1,895.00

Available sizes: Twin XL-California King.

Prices vary on mattress size.

In early April, the popular bed-in-a-box sleep brand known for its ergonomically engineered sleep products released its coolest mattress yet (as its name implies.) The Snow Mattress features the comfort and support of their highest-rated mattress (a memory foam/spring hybrid) reimagined with its patented “Snow Technology” that helps sleepers stay  five degrees (!) cooler at night. I had the chance to test out this new release, and it’s been a true blessing in my un-air-conditioned SoCal apartment and a remedy for my 30-year-old creeping-in body aches. More on that ahead.

The Casper Snow mattress: My full review

How it ships

Similar to the other mattress-in-a-box products I’ve shopped for in the past, the Casper Snow arrived at my doorstep in a (slightly battered) cardboard box the size of a small human. Lugging it into the bedroom was a mission, to say the least. It’s definitely a two-person job if stairs are involved—unless you have superhuman strength, of course. Inside the box, the mattress was coiled up like a Swiss roll, frosting not included. TBH, it never ceases to amaze me how they’re capable of cramming a king-sized bed into such a small container.

casper snow mattress review bed photo
Photo: Maki Yazawa

Then the fun part: The unboxing. As per the sleeper’s manual that came with the packaging, I unboxed the mattress by laying it on its side on the bed frame. Then, I unwrapped it by pulling the plastic wrap toward me. Finally, I tore away the inner plastic wrap to unveil—and unroll—the pillowy soft mattress. (And, no, it didn’t pop open like a can of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.)

After a few minutes, it expanded to its full glory, which was by far the most fascinating part. I’m easily amused, can’t you tell? But in my defense, the last mattress-in-a-box I purchased took nearly 48 hours to reach its full size and was un-sleepable the first night. Not to mention the ick-worthy odor the previous mattress emitted when the plastic wrap was stripped away. Fortunately, the Snow smelled like, well, fresh snow: Like nothing.

How it feels

Like an onion, the Casper Snow has many layers. On top, you’ll find the CoolTouch Cover, engineered with specialized cooling yarn woven in that's designed to move heat away 20 percent faster from the body for an instantly refreshing feel. And although that may sound like marketing B.S., the proof is in the pudding touch.

casper snow mattress review top photo
Photo: Maki Yazawa

Indeed, upon caressing the plush, groove-like texture of my brand-new (beautiful) mattress for the first time, I found that the top felt cool and almost wet (in a really good way). It was as if a pack of ice had been sitting on the mattress a few minutes prior, and what was left behind was a residual cool breeze. Basically, a hot sleeper’s (moi’s) dream. After all, according to sleep experts, the key to unlocking the best sleep is staying cool in an environment between 60°F-67°F. Oh, and did I mention that the cover has a speckly pattern that’s pretty darn cute for a mattress? Who needs a fitted sheet, anyway?

casper snow mattress layers
Photo: Casper

Below the cooling cover, you’ll find the smartly engineered backbone of the mattress, which features several "cool" details. First, there’s Casper Signature Foam with AirScape Technology that has perforations for breathability and the perfect amount of bounce. Then, there are Heat Delete Bands that help pull away excess heat from the body, so you don't wake up in a puddle of sweat or feel stuffy when laying in one position for too long. At the core, you’ll find premium memory foam with zoned support to ensure your spine is aligned and that there’s minimal pressure on your back as you sleep. These are paired with flexible coils that help keep your bedmate (or pup) when you readjust sleeping positions. Lastly, you’ll find Casper Edge Support—a firm border to ensure stability when getting in and out of bed.

Tl;Dr? It’s the best of both worlds: cool to the touch, with an adequate amount of back support. Not too hard, not too soft, just perfect.

How it sleeps

My Casper Snow mattress couldn’t have come at a better time. I received my bed just a few days before undergoing oral surgery and had been suffering a bout of neck kinks, likely due to pre-op anxiety. However, the moment I hopped into my new bed—I knew things would take an immediate turn for the better. As I mentioned, I sleep hot—my boyfriend refers to me as the sleeping beauty furnace. This also means I usually spend the entire night kicking off the blanket, then getting too cold and scouring the bed in the dark to retrieve the covers again (and repeat). But after just one night with the Snow, it was like love at first sleep.

casper snow mattress box
Photo: Casper

Sleeping soundly throughout the night made it click: A quality mattress is definitely worth the investment. Growing up, I often saw my mom doubled over in pain as another pinched sciatica episode ruined her weekend plans. It wasn’t until she invested in a good mattress that she felt life-changing relief. And although I knew that body aches come with age, I didn’t think my rinky-dink mattress was likely the culprit. That is, until it was in the dumpster.

Since setting up my new Casper Snow, I wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and not in a pool of sweat. (My boyfriend and dog have also given their seals of approval.) Admittedly, although it’s not cheap by any means, it might be enough to turn a night owl into a morning person…just maybe.

The cost

Now, let’s talk finances. I can’t sugarcoat it—it ain’t cheap. The mattresses come in the sizes Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King and range from $1,495 - $2,395, depending on which one you buy. If you were to ask me in my 20s if it was worth it? I’d likely roll my eyes and show you my bank account. However, as I enter my third decade in life and have put more emphasis on my well-being, the answer is, hands-down, yes.

Plus, Casper’s customer-forward policies help sweeten the deal just a bit. According to Casper’s website, the mattress comes with a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10-year limited warranty, meaning that you can sleep with ease knowing that if your bed begins to sag or sink, Casper’s got your back (literally).

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