These Blazer-and-Jogger Combos Are the Most Comfortable Business Casual Looks You’ll Ever Wear

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There is no quicker or easier way to make yourself feel like a grown-ass adult than throwing a blazer on top of your outfit. No matter what you're wearing underneath, it will instantly morph you into the professional, well-deserving recipient of a Businesswoman Special—and that includes activewear. (Yep, casual blazer outfits are indeed a thing.)

The blazer-meets-track-pants look is basically the wardrobe equivalent of "business on the top, comfort on the bottom," aka the ideal way to make athleisure appropriate for literally any scenario (though, in 2019, it basically is already). In fact, I've officially decided we're calling it "biz-leisure," because this combo is so good it deserves a name of its own. Pair it with pumps for the office, your favorite sneaks for an easy weekend look, or some strappy sandals and a statement earring for a holiday party look that isn't some iteration of a sequin dress.

All you need to get the look are two things you likely already have in your closet: a blazer and a pair of joggers. But just in case you need some inspo or are looking to invest in a few new pieces that you'll get just as much wear out of separately as you will when you pair them together, shop our picks for these on-trend casual blazer outfits below.


casual blazer outfits

Adidas Originals Cuffed Track Pants ($60), Everlane The Cotton Linen Blazer ($145)

This look is basically a business suit, but 2,000 times more comfortable. You're welcome.


casual blazer outfits

Rag and Bone Riley Wool Track Pants ($236), Theory Eco Crunch Wash Blazer ($173)

If boring black isn't your thing, pair colored track pants with a white statement blazer along with your oldie-but-goodie Stan Smiths.


casual blazer outfits

Outdoor Voices RecTrek Pant ($85), Amour Vert Valya Tencel Blazer in Check Denim ($138)

That trendy patterned blazer you bought five years ago and wore once? Make it feel current by wearing it over a bodysuit and some joggers.


casual blazer outfits

Rue 21 Plus Burgundy Swishy Track Pants ($27), Universal Standard Rio Blazer in Navy ($210)

Yes—even your swishy pants can get in on this trend. Since they err on the more casual side (even for track pants), add a more structured blazer to dress up your look.

casual blazer outfits

Athleta Luxe Gramercy Track Trouser ($35), Gap Modern Plaid Blazer ($80)

You've likely been wearing a plaid blazer and jeans all fall (literally everyone in our office has been, at least), and you can breathe new life into the look by giving it an athleisure twist.

casual blazer outfits

Zara Jogging Pants with Side Stripe ($36), Reiss Harper Slim-Fit Blazer ($270)

Pro tip: Match the detail color in your pants with your blazer for a biz-leisure look that will make you look like you spent more than five minutes getting dressed this morning. You're welcome.

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