Want To Upgrade Your Morning Routine? Include Your Cat

As the founder of a matcha cafe, Geraldine Ridaura Schumacher's morning routine includes all of the wellness practices you'd expect: mindful morning bev, stretch session, and a walk in the fresh air... with her cat.

If that last one stopped you in your scroll, let Schumacher explain. “He has brought so much love into this house that I didn’t think was possible,” the founder of San Diego's Holy Matcha says of her cat, Mita, whom she adopted from Punta Mita, Mexico. “Of course, he has changed completely my routine. My entire life revolves around this cat.”

If you're a pet parent—whether brand new or experienced—you can probably relate to the sentiment. “Caring for him makes me want to focus on my health and my well-being, and include him in it because it makes me so happy," says Schumacher on why overall cat health is important. "If I prioritize my health completely... prioritizing his health and well-being and what I put in his body so he can be healthy and happy is of the top priority."

For Mita, that means Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Chicken Flavor Dry Cat Food—which is formulated to help support overall vitality and keep furry friends full between meals—is the star of mealtime. Their a.m. routine also includes a matcha on the patio for her (and a sunbathe for Mita), a quick yoga or stretch moment (and a chance to nap on the yoga mat for him), and a jaunt around the neighborhood together, with Mita safely tucked in his trusty tote (get you a cat that loves walks as much as a canine). From bowl to stroll, "we're going through this wellness journey together," Schumacher says.

Watch above for more on how to include your pet in your wellness routine, and prioritize cat health at the same time.

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