Costco Has Now Jumped on the Cauliflower Tots Bandwagon and I’m Here for It

Well+Good Creative
At this point, you can make anything—no, really, anything—your heart desires out of cauliflower. Pizza, mashed potatoes, wings, rice, grilled cheese, bagels, enchiladas, hash browns, name it. Out of all the things I've ever tried, though, cauli tots are by far one of the best. And the fact that Costco is now carrying them in bulk is basically a dream come true.

The Instagram account @costcohiddengems recently shared one of the latest additions to the frozen food section of Costco: a 3-pound bag of organic cauli-tots from the brand Maas River Farms. And get this: You get all that goodness for under $10. There are 16 servings per bag, and each is just 140 calories, 290 mg of sodium, and 2 grams of sugar—none added. Not too shabby, huh? Also, extra bonus: Unlike Green Giant's version that can be found in most grocery stores, this version doesn't contain any eggs or milk, making it a great, vegan-friendly option as well.

Whether you like keeping things simple and dipping your plain tots in ketchup or want to get fancy and whip up a lower-carb casserole for the holidays, it's safe to say this might just be the best gift Costco has #blessed us with so far. (You know, aside from the discounted gym memberships and natural beauty products.) Spoiled is an understatement.

This is Ina Garten's easy and mess-free way to cut cauliflower into florets. Or, stock up on this vegan cauliflower bowl from Trader Joe's for easy weekday lunches.

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