Why CBD and Manuka Honey Are the Power Ingredients You Need for Healing Damaged Summer Skin

With countless dips in the pool, afternoon sunbathing sessions (yes, even if you're wearing sunblock), and, TBH, a lot of sangria, summer isn't exactly the kindest of seasons to your skin. To prep for fall and the OMG-dryness of winter after it, you're going to need to give your complexion some TLC.

The power couple that can pull it off? CBD and Manuka honey, which are the ultimate anti-inflammatory duo that can help your skin recover from summer-induced inflammation (read: sunburn, etc.).

In the video above, watch Well+Good beauty editor Ali Finney demonstrate how she uses her fave Cannuka products (powered by the aforementioned power ingredients) to give her skin the ultimate overnight moisturizing treatment to make that summer glow last a little bit longer. Hint: It involves a healing balm, which is occlusive—AKA, it seals the good stuff in.

Watch the video above to see the skin-savers in action, then shop below to get the glowy benefits for yourself.

In partnership with Cannuka

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