How to Jump-Start Your Day With a CBD-Fueled Mini Facial

So much of our mental and spiritual health rests on self-care. But making time for it isn't always easy. If just thinking about slipping some "me time" into your schedule is stressing you out, career coach Claire Wasserman says to instead combine it with an existing habit.

As the founder of career-development organization Ladies Get Paid, Wasserman's pre-work ritual is designed to help her to maintain focus, she explains in the latest episode of Well+Good's YouTube series Self-Care Nation. She kicks off each day with a series of self-care practices fueled by intention. And it all starts with espresso, followed by a unique morning facial routine.

A full-on believer in the power of CBD, Wasserman multitasks while taking her daily dose. The 60 to 90 seconds she holds the oil under her tongue is the perfect time for gua sha.

"As the CBD is under my tongue I am pulling the gua sha down the side of my face always pushing away. I find that it energizes my face, it feels like a little bit of a workout," she says. "It gets that puffage away and by the time that I'm done with it I swallow the CBD."

For more tips to ensure a calm and productive morning, watch the video above.

Meditation looks different for everyone. For some, it's therapeutic cooking. For others, it can be a manicure


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