It’s More Than Just Lube: 3 CBD Sexual-Wellness Products To Try ASAP

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CBD-infused skin care? Been there. A drop of CBD in your morning coffee? Just your daily dose of Zen. But CBD in the bedroom? *Is instantly intrigued.*

Make some room on your bedside table, because the buzzy ingredient has (finally) officially made it to your sex life. "Sexual wellness is the last frontier in the wellness industry," says Kiana Reeves, chief education officer at Foria. "We take our food, sleep, exercise, and supplements very seriously, but when it comes to sex, there is still a lot of misinformation and shame."

To change that, Foria is on a sex-education mission to make pleasure more accessible to everyone (which is a cause we can all get behind) through its high-integrity, plant-based CBD products for sexual wellness.

But how, exactly, does CBD work to take sexy time from pretty good to OMG? "The historical use of cannabis as an aphrodisiac is well-documented," Reeves says. "CBD supports relaxation of the pelvic floor, promoting blood flow and diminishing inflammation, so you can enjoy and relax into the experience even more." *Pulls covers over head.*

Sound like something your sex life could benefit from? Keep reading for 3 CBD products for sexual wellness that'll get you in on the action.

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Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD, $48

Yes, CBD is powerful, but it's not the only thing making Awaken Arousal Oil a cult favorite. "There are nine different ingredients that work together to support arousal, which is the process of blood flow moving into the genitals and usually stimulating things like lubrication and sensation enhancement," Reeves says.

Those ingredients include organic MCT coconut oil, kava root, and organic cinnamon, which each serve a sensorial purpose. The cold-pressed coconut oil acts as a base and gives the arousal oil its smooth texture, while kava root gives the oil a "pleasant buzzy tingle," and cinnamon adds a warming sensation, Reeves says.

On top of it's toe-curling benefits, like next-level orgasms, Awaken is a favorite for Reeves because of its dual role as both a pleasure-enhancer and pain-reliever. According to Reeves, over 75 percent of women report having intermittent pain during sex, leaving a lot of them in need of support. Foria's mission is addressing these unmet needs, offering all-natural support, and closing the pleasure gap. See why it's gaining in popularity?

Intimacy Suppositories with CBD, $20

Based on the thousands of testimonials from very, ahem, satisfied customers, Foria set out to take that satisfaction to the next level (are you sensing the theme yet?) by creating a sexual wellness product that could be applied... more directly.

Thus, Intimacy Suppositories were born. Made with fair trade-certified cocoa butter, they can be used 30 to 60 minutes before sex to enhance arousal, afterwards to soothe any soreness, or even just during your period to help soothe discomfort.

"Since cocoa butter is solid at room temperature and liquid when introduced to body heat, it’s the ideal medium for our suppositories—and it smells and tastes great, of course," Reeves says.

Intimacy Lubricant with CBD, $50

Of course, a bedside drawer of sex products wouldn't be complete without a CBD-infused lube. "Lube supports pleasurable sensation and decreases the risk of micro-tears," Reeves says. "Even if you don’t think you need lube you would probably benefit from using it."

Pro tip from Reeves: If you're already using lube, take a peek at the ingredients label. "“Many common lubes have a plethora of chemicals that shouldn’t go on your body," she says. "Our mantra is: If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it in your genitals.”

Intimacy Lubricant is made with just organic coconut oil and organically grown hemp extract, so you get all the goods with no chemicals. And just like that, you're on the express train to Pleasuretown.

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